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Catskill '08


so anyway, we're back at the how now and after only one day back at freakin' work i really needed to take a look at these pictures to renew my vacation buzz. we had a few adventures up in the catskills, just like you'd expect. starting with the airtran flight out of atlanta where we pushed back from the gate late and then had to sit for an hour or so while they fixed some "mechanical" issue. that's always comforting. got into newburgh and budget rented us this hyundai snota that had a few issues of it's own. but, hey we're on our way!! dinner that night was at the t-bar for pizza n beer and a visit with half of roxbury who came rolling in after the ballgame. kind of drizzly thru the next morning, but we got out and about, up to gramma rose and the sun started to peek out toward evening. dinner that night was at the inn between for aunt deb's birthday. another good'un. from the next day on the weather was perfect. foggy in the early am the brilliant sunshine and warm days w/ clear cool nights. more visits w/ rosie including a car ride up through the red kill valley and a stop at the bun&cone for some ice cream. hey, at 98 ya gotta live a little! made some heavy duty breakfasts and went to stamford one night for tom's birthday. all good. and, yes, when we got home one evening i managed to lock the keys in the rental for a little extra fun. one thing we did discover that the blood curdling screams coming from the cemetery in the dead of the night were, actually, red fox cries. i've gotta go make dinner now and get ready for tomorrow. but if all goes according to plan i'm sure i'll be right back here tomorrow night needing another therapeutic look at the following pictures. enjoy.

looking thru the old barn wall


gary surveys the lie of the land                      brent casually flexes for the camera


what we found in the woods





the family from above and molly below



in stamford for tom's birthday dinner                                                               brent flexing his stomach muscles


the birthday boy





gramma rose enjoying some ice cream


bears are so huggable, de beaver chew de anklet


east branch deleware river, margaretville,ny 7am

carol and gary consider things


newlyweds                                            deb's birthday at the inn between                                good friends


tom n riss


you know who

mythical hole on todd mtn