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01.29 In Savannah looking at a job we've got right in the middle of it all. Almost like stepping right in it. Much warmer down here though and downright deserted on the riverwalk. Wait till StPats ... Anyway I hear it windy & rainy up north so let's make the most of it! After watching the other Pats win theXLIIth SuperBowl on Sunday, it'll be off to Fla Monday for the last 30hr and some fun in the sun. Oh, well..from the banks of Old Towne Savannah, A Dios. Y Bon Nuit! -JB 

01.20 Made it through the big storm yesterday! Most of the inch of snow we got melted off the critical spots before the temps plummeted last night so it really turned out to be a non-event. Other than the lovely feeling one gets while the stuff is actually falling and how pretty it is first stuck to the trees and such, the excitement was short-lived. We did bundle up, put the Jeep in 4-wheel and headed over to the park for a walk and a gawk at the sledders trying to make it down the hills without having to push themselves along. What Atlantans lack in accumulation we more than make up for with enthusiasm! It was kind of funny that as you walk along the roads that circle around Piedmont Park there were snowmen of every creed and guise standing like sentinels along the way. They were more than happy to pose for a picture or two and you'd stroll on down and there's another! The snow was just right for packing and snowballing. Saw one dude get the ol' unexpected-right-in-the-ear iceball during a spirited melee to which we gave a wide berth as we headed home for some hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows.

01.19 WTF? It's January already? Where've I been? We're dodging the snowflakes once again here at the HouseofWeb and it's about time I checked in to update the place. 


12.21 Well, tomorrow is the first day of winter and all anybody can talk about is Jesus's birthday next Tues. Whatever. I'm going along to get along. If it seems like we have a holiday theme going most every year, then this year the theme must be 'artificial'. The Christmas Bomb hasn't exploded around here for a number of years in thinking back, but usually we'll at least have a small live tree. Not this year, boy. The only seasonal decorata we have besides the usual half-lit outside mini lights is a white wreath on the front door and a 3' tall silver LED tree inside, both from Target. And, oh yeah, those three odd sized Christmas plates that always seem to magically appear this time of year. Maybe it's the awesome power of the winter solstice...anyway, got a nice holiday card from an old friend with an interesting link to a thoughtful blogspot. Check it out when you've had enough of JBzHOW...Finally rainy and cool here in the ATL, and not complaining too much because we're just a little worried about having to truck drinking water in from Kentucky these days. Besides, it does make the scene a bit more Christma...er, um...wintery, winter solsticerly. 

12.04 Holiday season is upon us and we're scurrying about acting very nice so St.Nick'll be sure'n stop as he flies by the HouseOfWeb. 




11.22 No way to ever tell what you're gonna get here at the HOW, but today it's a big Happy Thanksgiving 2007 greeting for ya! And a rainy one at that from the parched streets of ATL. Now there's something else to be thankful for! I guess you've missed quite alot while we've been off doing our thing and not blogging any of it, but nothing too exciting that we can't just lump into the living our lives category. Work, play, eat, geocache, exercise(some of us), sleep, shower, yardwork, call Mom, watch a movie, work some more, drink a beer,..well you get the picture. And thankful for all of it!

11.01 November is here and JBzHouseOfWeb rocks on!.... On at totally unrelated note, in years of travel from job to job I've always thought that there were some good nicknames around. You'll find your Smokey's, Tennessee's, Rock's, Shark's, Peanut's, Tex's.. and a few new ones here lately.. one boss they're callin RayRay, his up-and-comer WeeWee, and his helper, DimeBag. I think the nicknames may help them from calling each other worse during times of extreme stress. Copy that.


10.28 Happy Halloween, almost. I only post that greeting because it seems to be the popular thing to do this time of the year and it also seems nearly un-American to do otherwise. Even though I've developed a negative attitude toward this particular holiday. And really, it's not an actual holiday,holiday. We don't get a day off for it. Maybe I'd feel better about it if we did. I'm also kind hung up on the whole ghost & goblin ghoulish death and destruction side of the deal. Who needs to be reminded of all that stuff, let alone have a holiday that celebrates it? Not for me, but it's a free country. And going door to door expecting your neighbors to load your kids shopping bag with candy was cool back in the good old days, but now..? I can remember some of the last years that we were young enough to go trick-or-treating we always heard the warning about razorblades in apples. Never actually got an apple and if I had I'da probably thrown the danged thing away anyhow and ate up the Snickers bars instead. But nowadays with all the freaks in the world, do you really want to take that chance? Sadly our porch light won't be on this year. I love to see those little kids with their costumes though. There was one in Sundown Cafe on Friday night with a lovely pair of wings. She couldn'tve cared less about a taco, but she was greeting folks at the door with a big "HI" and making damn sure that everyone in the place knew she could fly whenever she wanted. Too cute. Then there's the commercial side of Halloween that's become so popular, these Haunted Houses. Never been to one myself, but this other kid yesterday at the carwash was on his Dads phone with his mom, in a big loud voice, "But Mooooommmm, the line is gonna be humongus, and Dad has to come home to go to the bathroom 'cause he won't go here!!" Really had to feel for the guy. Then Maggie N I were thinking we should check one of those Haunted Houses out this year and she didn't think it appropriate that we (old as we are) should go without a youngster for cover. But since we couldn't come up with a rental kid, decided to go to the movies instead. To which I wore an outfit suited only to wearing in a dark place that included socks and sandals, and didn't care 'cause it's nearly Halloween and I really still haven't let go of my inner kid, yet either. Boo!

10.14 Had some fun running thru the NC hills in the KJ this weekend. Posted some pics from the event on the PhotoHut. Heading out for the coast tomorrow am hopefully be back in time for a little birthday action in the atl. See you on the road -JB

10.07 Howdy and welcome to our little world. Can you believe it's October already!? I guess when one stays busy with work and travel and exercise and eating and cleaning and making weblogs and everything else in the world that has to be done then yes, it sometimes seems as if there just isn't enough time in the day to squeeze it all in proportionally. Just gotta keep on gettin' it. Had a long week in NC, came home Fri night, went to the Greek festival yesterday and today I'll be resting my back which unfortunately is killing me again. Then tomorrow it's back on the road like deja vu all over. Looking forward to heading up to Tellico for the 23rd Appalachian JeepJam next weekend with the mrs and wheeling about for a couple of days. That's us. Whadda you been up to?




9.23 Man, these weekends go by fast. Here it is Sunday noon already and all I've managed to accomplish so far is getting out of bed, washing me face, and making a couple of giant omelets for a late breakfast. And, oh yeah, making this blog. Probably won't get too much else done either what with football & racing coming on at 1. I do have a roast to cook for dinner while Maggie is off playing tennis and I guess I should try'n get some exercise at some point also. Did you hear about the elliptical trainer we bought? Yeah, it's down in the garage, and I enjoy getting sweaty on it every morning at 5:30am. Jeez, I had to do something. Then yesterday I walked my bicycle up to the Amoco and pumped up the tires so I could ride that puppy on the weekends and actually get some fresh air instead of breathing in the old dusty garage stuff. Maybe I'll go out on that for a while. It'd be good fer me. Also got the electric guitar from eBay last Thurs evening. And when I say evening I mean that the FedEx guy delivered it around 7pm just as I was getting out of the shower and I answered the door with a towel wrapped around my lower body portions. I was so hyped I didn't care and he didn't seem to be too flustered so I signed for it and proceeded to open the box and check for damages while he waited since there was a tear in the box and the guitar came in just a gig bag and not a hardshell case. Well, the guitar was OK except that I had to fix one of the pickups, which I did sans wet towel, hooked up the amp and went to playing until about 8:30 at which time I was tired and give out, finally put on some whitey tighties and went to bed. Now if that's not too much information, I dunno what is. Thanks for stopping in! -JB

9.16 Moving right along here at the HOW, just thought I'd take a minute and catch you up on the goings on. We didn't win the lottery again, so we're still working. And that about covers it. Actually, the wife was up in DC this past week, working, and I held down the fort here, with my back killing me and trying not to mess things up so bad that I'd have to spend an entire Friday pm cleaning and washing before picking my baby up at the 'ol aeropuerto. So we both managed and things are back to normal, or thereabouts, now. That hurricane remnant that blew through on Friday really left us with some glorious early fall weather finally. It's so nice to not hear that A/C cranking up every five seconds all day and night. I really should go outside and take advantage of it, but there's racing, football, and Tiger from Eastlake on the tube today, and I could use another day of rest for me poor back...Decided to buy a replacement electric guitar on eBay yesterday. Settled on a Epiphone Special II, sunburst. Pulled my amp out of the attic and dusted it off in anticipation of the great noises to follow. Waaaah,reeeeent,whooooold,screeeet! FREEEEEBIRD!!!!!!....Also putting some pics up from the Aquarium.

9.1 Another new month and another fresh chance to be slack on the ol' blog updating scene. You know. It's not that I don't care, it's just that there's so much more compelling crap going on around here that my little website always winds up sucking hind teat. Why don't I just go ahead and make my apologies to both of you faithful viewers right now for the lack of timely updates here for the remainder of 2007. Sorry for Sept. Too bad about Oct. Totally forgot in Nov., and Dec, well, you know. At least I'm all caught up on that....Anyway, DC was a nice break a couple of weeks ago. The traveling went smoothly and Mom and Dad are good. Tried to show Dad how to set up an eBay auction so he could sell some of his stamps like a big dog, but a long weekend just ain't gonna get it. He's trying though. I set an initial auction up for him and we selected five 1893 stamps to sell, then they packed up and went to Switzerland. Only sold one stamp for $19.50, minus auction fees and shipping costs I think we wound up netting a grand total profit of 25 cents. Oh well....I'd let you know how work is going but I can't without using some very foul language and seeing as how this is more or less a family site, I won't go there. You get the picture....At least we've got the long Labor Day weekend ahead of us. The wife and I have decided to stay in town and play tourist this weekend. The Ga Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, Atl Botanical Garden, and hell, whatever else we can find. All while trying to avoid the freaks down at that DragonCon thing. Might be interesting. I'll let'ja know. Sweet dreams.



8.4 A new month and another chance to stay caught up on the goings on here at the House. Let's just see how this whole thing plays out for August. I can tell you this much fo' sho'..it's still hot! I was checking out the weather in various other locations around the SE and the hottest spot for the upcoming week is right smack dab where I'm headed tomorrow pm, namely, Charlotte,NC. Supposed to be almost 100 all week up there. Whew!...One thing we've got underway is some lawn reseeding here at the HouseOfWeb. Now, we've got a zoysia lawn, which is a warm season grass, and while I originally thought that sod would be the best and easiest, LC used zoysia seed, which now has to be watered a couple times a day to get it germinated. Like I said, with no rain on the horizon at least the temperatures are right...So anyway, it's off to NC tomorrow for the week and then back to ATL for a few days then finally up to DC for a long weekend. Guess it goes without saying that the break will be very nice...Stayed out last night late for us (way past dark) and then slept in this am (until 9).  OK, that's enough of the boring stuff, and I'll let you get back to your surfing. Come on back when you can! -JB



7.25 Why have I begun every July jblog with the letter W? Wed night in Charlotte waiting for the sun to go down and ready to finish up another 30hour tomorrow. Real newsy I know, but that's about how things have been it seems lately. Actually, a little bored with this blog right at the moment so I'll catch you later! 

7.18 Wonderful, wonderful down here on the Trail. Hotter than two rats f#@%!n9 in in a wool sock. In town doing my training thing and staying at my favorite Super 8. As soon as this thunderstorm passes I'm heading out to get meself a Whopper and a quart of HighLife to celebrate my last night here. Then it'll be up to the QueenCityNC Monday at 8am for 30 more fun-filled hours worth of OSHA. Don't worry about me though, I'll be OK. I can take it.

7.08 Where did the week go?? Back to work tomorrow, so sad. We did have a great time in the mtns and I posted a few pics on the JBzPhotoHut for ya. The fireworks got rained out Wed night but they went off Fri instead on a cool crisp NY night, it was perfect. Had a couple of nice long hikes and sampled a few of the local geocaches. Had sausage three nights in a row. Life was good.



6.30 A banner month! You're really being kept up now though, eh?..... I will now proceed to entangle the entire area. Yes, that's correct, except that in my case I actually did go on ahead and cut my hair. My own hair. Just the other day. It was gettin' kinda long.....Suffering through a bit of a hot spell here at the end of June at the ol' HOW. Not all that humid though, but it's enough to make one dread what'll come come July & Aug around these parts....Out furniture shopping with the little woman this pm. She wants to redo the LR and replace , including a nice big LCD. How can I argue with that? Time to head for dinner in the Highlands at Pura Vida. Hasta.

6.25 Wowza! The original MrLazy here manages to run off an amazing third blog for the month! That's almost once a week. Holy moley. But I just had to sent a shout out to some of my readers in the Catskills, where soon I will be a visitor, and I couldn't be more excited about it! A week off from the heat & pressure of big city southern safety to go forth have ourselves a little adventure in the cool country mtns.  There'll be some new geocaches to hunt, fireworks from the front lawn Wed. night and lots of neck-huggin' in between. I'm not holding out much hope for corn though. I know you all had a very late spring and corn is a 90 day hot & sunny crop. I'll live... What's new? you ask.....Been working my way toward enrolling in, wait for it....college, again these days. I'm hoping to get an Assoc. Degree in Occupational Safety and Health Technology (AssOSHT) from one of three 'distance learning' or 'online' schools. Fully accredited, they are, and this will enable me to sit for the Certified Safety Professional exam. Yup. That's my plan. CSP for me. Got me about 50 transferrable credits from various institutions of higher learning attended back in the day (way back), so a degree may be only 20 some odd credits away here. I'll let'ja know as we go. See ya on the trail. -JB

6.19 Lemme tell ya, it's just lovely down here on the OrangeBlossomTrail Super 8. Can you feel the sarcasm? Really I have few complaints except for the fact that I can't get NBC on the tube. Like I said, minor stuff. Oh sure, it's hot. And yeah, one gets tired of road food quickly, but what the hell, I'm doing my thing here. Kids gotta eat, if you know what I mean... And it just makes home that much sweeter when you're there. Also looking forward to NY in early July for a little R&R these days....And to top it all off, I can't find a freakin Applebee's!

6.14 Already. Where did that month go? Busy as a bumble bee tending my twirky pet peas. Heading down to the Sunshine State for some 30hr action next week. Finally getting a modicum of rain here in the ATL, droughtbustin', and outlaw watering besides. Don't tell. 


05.17 Dagnab! Another blog almost in a row. can't stay long though. Enjoying the Office on my last night in NC. Oh, hell.. it's back on!! Bye...

05.16 Wow, I must be whigging out here, or just bored and out of town with a decent web connection. Even going to attempt to upload some pics to the PhotoHut. Better than halfway through the training session here in Carolina, and alls well, so far so good. Despite that, still looking forward to heading back to the HOW on Fri pm. Wouldn't you?


05.14 I'll not do this again for a fouth time so if this one doesn't make it through the roadblogs will have to wait for another day. In Charlotte doing a 30 hour OSHA course for some of our guys. Hope your Mothers Day went well, ours was cool. Well, warm actually. called our Mommas then went on a garden tour through some plush Buckhead digs. Now it's time to try and submit this episode, shower and get some rest for the long days coming up. More later. -JB


 04.29 Well, this year came in like a lamb and went out like one too. We're having and early and extended and actually enjoyable little spring here this time around and aren't complaining. The pollen is gone for the most part and the heat of summer has yet to descend so we're stuck in the middle, limbo if you will, lapping up springtime nirvana... Sorry about the lapse in blogs for which I should be flogged. And I was doin' so good too...I wont bore with mundane details, let's just say that things are going well and leave it at that. Maggie is up in the NY mountains for the weekend, gathering her parents to escort them down here for a few days next week. So as you may have gathered, I'm batchin' it this weekend. Come to think of it, what the hell am I doing in here blogging when I should be out feeling my wild oats?? C'mon now, you know that ain't me. I'm a good boy. Or I could start being one anyway. Gotta go! C ya....



12.28 Thought I'd zing in another microblog here before the year slips away. Had a nice Christmas at the beach this year, hope yours was good too. I'll add some pics to  JBzPhotoHut from the holidays and beyond. Thanks for checking in and have a happy New Year.


12.13 Juuust...sit right back and you'll hear a tale...only kidding. If you missed our company Christmas party just have a look at Marlene up there. That about says it all. She's really a lovely woman, but evidently a lovely woman who don't like to have her picture took. She constantly messes with me at work and I never exact any sort of payback, until now. Take that, Marlene. Now we're even! OK, enough playing around. This is a serious website..... BAAaaaHAAaaaHAAAAA!!  I'll post a few other pics to the PhotoHut, one of me and Walt (who Caroline likes to refer to as Jim and Jimmer) and a couple from our little GaLOST/NGORGE outing up to Rich Mtn. a couple of weekends ago... And yes Virginia, tis the Festivus Season. Merry Happy to ya.



11.27 Finally taking a moment to catch up with the goings on at the ol' HOW after a busy Thanksgiving which included working, chilly weather, family, turkey and all the trimmings. Had a lovely feast over the river and through the woods at Uncle J's place with Mom & Dad driving down from DC for the occasion. Isn't Marjorie B. just about the cutest little thing you've ever seen? On the unfortunate side I've had to work every day except T'Day and today, doing quality control on a job that's gone a bit kerfluey here lately. We'll get it...In the mundo geocaching, I've organized another NGORGE, this time up to RichMtn. Should be fun, y'all come now, hear?

11.01 How the hell are ya?! Just a weird little post, one for the road, maybe. Hitting the road tomorrow for Florence SC then next week it's off to sunny Fla.... For work.  Maybe I'll roadblog and maybe I won't. Thanks to the folx at the GGA for considering me SC material. I haven't yet made my mind up as to whom I'll vote for. Luv ya. -JB              



10.30 Happy Halloween, All Saints Day, or Dia Del Muertes as you like. Yeah it's been a while and I won't lie to ya, I'm lazy. Well there it is. No, that's no great epiphany I know, but at least I've got the huevos to admit it. We've been enjoying the weather here in the Big A and this is the time of year to do so, for about the next 45 days things ought to be perfect, then we can start complaining about the cold. Well the wife is ready for me to move the Jeep outta her way so she can go to tennis, and today I'll remain here at the HouseOWeb and resume my smoker building tasks out back. What a life!


10.9 Hey kids! Can you believe it's October already?? The days are really slipping by now. Reminds me of a song, goes a little something like this....no no, you didn't come here to be punished, did you? Anyway, here we are in the midst of another birthday season with Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas right around the corner now.  Where does the time go?? We've been busy as bees around here, working and playing and even having a little yard sale just yesterday that turned out well, satisfying many a bargain hunter who went away with a little piece of the HouseOfWeb. Work has kept us hopping also lately. Lots of classroom training and plying my new safety skills in the field. Thankfully the weather here has finally started to cool a bit as fall creeps down into the Piedmont. 



9.11 An auspicious day in America. Not to be disrespectful, but we're observing it by smoking some ribs and a shoulder in the half-built smoker out back...  Thanks to all you beautiful readers who've used the form mail feature to feedback about JBzHouseOfWeb. This little stop along the great web way has always strived to be a fun diversion from the slick, overproduced, and ad-fueled fare one usually encounters online. I 'preciate your kind words! Updates here, while not always timely, usually mostly somewhat scattered in real content, nonetheless hopefully entertaining! Almost ten thousand people can't be wrong....can they? Rock on.

9.05 Another in a fine line of blogs coming your way this Labor Day from the HouseOfWeb. Pretty exciting, huh?! Anyway, spent the weekend pretty quietly, sleeping late, and avoiding driving anywhere with gas prices up over the $3 mark.  Seen a couple of good movies and played some tennis with the Mrs... Tonight it's cheeseburgers on the grill after a good mosquito fogging in the backyard and heavy DEET application. Did manage a little work work, and had a fabuloso breakfast at the Buckhead WaffleHouse yesterday.  Also looked up our old house in NewOrleans on the satellite photos  at Google Earth ... it looks as though Nashville Ave was flooded right along with the rest of the poor Big Easy. Les bons temps roulent non plus....




8.16 A first for the HouseOfWeb...logging in from the road...here I'm is in Charlotte NC killing time with what we'll call a roadblog. I'm hoping all this comes out, but as you can see there's pictures and everything! We've come up for a Pyramid scaffold school and since I'm stuck up here on a Friday night without my baby, I thought I'd send out this big howdy to all the JBzHOW faithful from right here in my lonely hotel room. Howdy.


8.2 Ah, yes. The dog days are upon us and Atlanta has slowed to a crawl as the heat seeps into every pore of our being here in the deep south. In other woids, it's freakin' hot. I almost feel sorry for those poor bricklayers who have to suck it up and git 'er done in the midday sun. As for me, sure I suffer some, but it's a godsend to be able to scoot off to check on the next job in my Jeep with the A/C blasting and stop off on the way for a frosty coffee at Dunkin'Donuts. I don't want to make it sound like I'm not working hard, but it's more of a cerebral thing and the hours have gotten longer instead of shorter. No worries though, mate. I'm a motivated, safety machine. Enough work talk, except to say Spanish lessons have begun again and I'm digging that too! You may notice that in my last blog  there was mention of wheeling at Beasley and  laying up some bricks on my smoker, neither of which occured. One of these days...This coming weekend though, we're excited about going up to Clarkesville, Ga for the big Tomato Festival! WooHoo! Actually it's only Sunday from 2-5 and there'll probably be some geocaching included in the foray. Big surprise. JBzHOW is up to damn near 1200 geos found nowadays. Can I get another WooHoo!?!?



7.23 Seems like it's been too long between blogs here, and I could spout off a whole litany of events that have precluded updating activity but you don't want to be bored with all that mess, now do you? Let's just say we're all excited to be reading the latest goings on at the HouseOfWeb... Some of the stuff that's been clogging up our minds had been setting up a network, which actually killed my modem over the 4th of July week, but when we got back from the Catskills a brand new one was waiting for us here and I was up all night configuring that puppy along with router, and my work laptop. Yes, that's right! A Pyramid work laptop. Cool, huh? Even though I'm not the swiftest crayon in the box, I'm learning the ins and outs of semi-mobile technology. For work though. Which is going quite well, by the way. Lots of long hours and miles of driving, but learning new and interesting stuff everyday and I get the feeling that I can really help out in my new capacity..... Then there's the Liberty. Had the old spacer kit removed and a new Rusty's 2.5"coil lift installed last weekend and man did that make a difference. Hoping to ride up to BeasleyKnob tomorrow for a big adventure!.... Today I may actually go outside and lay up some more bricks on the behemoth smoker in the backyard. Hey, it's only taken, um..., say, five years or so to get this far with it! ....So you see we're busy here, and I was just happy to find a moment this morning that I could let the people know that we hadn't forgot about you and that we're still kicking it here at JBz.

7.7 Happy belated 4th of July, this installment coming to you remotely from the technological lap of the Catskills, namely the in-laws computer. I 've been hacking on this poor  Dell all week long and so far nothing's blown up, yet! Keep your fingers crossed! I've got lots of pictures to upload from here, so maybe I'll just make a new Catskill05 page for ya. I had to download this new editor to their computer so things may not come out just exactly right, but then again, when has that ever happened in the past??



6.19 Happy Father's Day 2005 to all you fathers out there! Enjoy your day, gentlemen...Couple of new items here at the HouseO'Web, for one my new Safety job has begun a bit early and I'm  now riding, consulting, advising, and directing instead of climbing, stooping, sweating, and laying anymore. Going from skilled craftsman to safety management is somewhat of a shock to my system, but not altogether unpleasant when it's 95 degrees, 95% humidity and I'm not stuck in one place day after day repetitively doing the same thing over and over. It's akin to learning a whole new trade here, so I guess, as our friend, Pat England put it Thursday, that makes me 'apprentice' safety director! So far, so good...Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we had our huge magnolia tree crowned and shaped last Monday, which brings us to the other piece of new business, a new digital camera! We finally found a Canon A510 at a reasonable price last night and it'll make short videos of which I've already made two. One of the backyard complete with me humming a soundtrack, and one of the aforementioned magnolia. Enjoy!


6.5 Thunderstorms rolling through and that means time for another installment of JBzBlog! And, oh yeah, welcome to June! We got away with a real nice May this year... but not any more, Monte. Stepped out to get the paper this morning and it was warm and humid. Went geocaching later on and it's really not all too pleasant to be sweating and swatting skeeters as you go! Anyway, our geocache count now stands at 1115 and we're not in any great hurry to add to that. So we just go when we feel like it and keep it light and fun like it should be. Workwise, I'll be spending my waning days as a bricklayer at the Glenn Hotel project downtown. It's a reovation of this 80+ year old building right next to Phillips Arena. Maybe I'll try'n get some snaps as the work and the month progresses. Right now, I'm off to grill some chicken for dinner. JB out.



5.30 A rainy Memorial Day here at the House and all over the metro area you can hear the sounds of picnic plans being deflated. We shaln't, however, forget the sacrifices endured by our Armed Forces in the pursuit of Liberty and Justice, and thank them for securing for us our most precious Freedoms. This rain can never wash away the heroic blood spilled worldwide so Americans can live free today....On the home front, we've spent some time this weekend painting our little guest suite a lovely shade of neutral beige and doing some general sprucing up in the area. That was the first room we tackled when we moved in here, way back in '91, and it needed a little freshen up. So now it's all ready for your next stay. We'll leave the light on.  Also, welcoming back Mom&Dad from their trip to Paris! Hope it was great! And, just want to mention that those Spanish classes have begun. Last week I started at level 2 at the LatinAmericanAssociation over off Buford Hwy and so far it's goin' muy bueno! Hasta luego!

5.19 Is it bad luck to wish yourself a Happy Anniversary? OK, I guess I won't go there, but I would like to thank my beautiful wife for 21 years of wedded freakin' bliss! See this picture? That was us at the Rock Springs Presbyterian Church on May 19, 1984 just after we took the big plunge. Lemme just say things have been working out. And as fate would have it, we're living this dream just a stones throw from the old church itself. We're going to Alfredos for a romantic dinner tonight and I got her a few little gifts and some cards. One of the things we've always joked about when it comes to card giving is that I usually humor her by asking her to pick out a good one for herself for me while she's getting mine, and this year she kept saying that she hoped she'd remember at all. So to continue the humor, I picked one out for her to give to me while I was in Hallmark last week. One with beavers playing tennis no less, which I thought strange but appropriate. Only I didn't look too closely at it, because I wanted to be surprised, you see, and it turns out those tennis racquets were actually the beavers tails! Talk about your humor! She addressed the card to Dumb Bunny.... And the dance continues.... XXX'z and OOO'z from JB!!


5.9 Another quickie to upload a page o pics from a weekend zoomer up to DC to hug my mommy. Check 'em out, you're on your own as to who's who.



4.28 A quick little blogupdate here while I wait for the missus to arrive home from work on a fine Friday eve. Then it'll be off to who-knows-where to eat, and then, if things go as they have for oh, say the last umpteen years, we'll hit the local grocery store to stock up on the week aheads yummies and then back home for some major nesting. Yeah I know that sounds boring, but I've kinda gotten used to the routine, and now  whenever that ol' routine gets broken up somehow it feels like we're being extra wild. Not to mention the fact that it beats the hell out of going out, getting drunk, wrecking cars and winding up in jail. So anyway, got some exciting stuff going on Jeep wise, with the formation of the Georgia Chapter of LibertyOwnersSpecialTeam (L.O.S.T.). Me and a near-by neighbor with a penchant for running our Libbys through the mud are the principal members right now, but we've got plans, big plans! And I just happen to be the webmaster for our little forray. Imagine that.

4.16 Spring is well up and running and don't you poor, poor Yankees wanna get a peek at what we see every morn when we look out our windows? It's a blast of color that we really only get once a year and then it's gone & the heat is on! But we'll enjoy it while we can, even suffering through the pollen, which doesn't seem to be too bad at the moment, remembering it with these pictures on the PhotoHut page...On the work front, you are now reading the words of a 30hour OSHA certified webmaster, kids! That's right. I passed the test yesterday with a score of 100! And I was worried about it!? Seems that they really want folks to pass the thing and I may have over-compensated some, but the fact is that I have to know  the subject front and back, so I actually had to learn it and not just regurgitate knowledge to get the card like some guys did. Now they want me to start taking lessons de Espanol so I can communicate freely with our Hispanic brothers on the job. OK, will do. You'll know that'll have been successfully done when these blogs start coming out in a forigen tounge!

4.10 Just a little blog then it's back onto the couch for more race & golf watching and pollen avoidance therapy. You'll see I've made a new page for Leslie to show all her buddies the new bathroom renovation at the PineHigh residence. Actually, it's there for anybody who wants to look at, so enjoy! We also made a new Lee N me 12 years after picture last night once we had a few cocktails down, see it on the PhotoHut page. So that's it for today, see ya in the funny pages!

4.2 Oh, and oh so freakin' glad that spring is here! Not that we had any kind of rough winter here in the Big A, but just kina happy to see the leaves comin' out on the trees and stuff bloomin' in every corner! Also got on the Loratidine early this year in an effort to stem the flow of boogers and tears that always follow these pollen-laden skies. Lovely. What's not so lovely is the fact that some stupid broke into my Liberty by smashing out the side window, while parked in the street next to the house. Whatever. The dumbass didn't even take anything 'cause there wasn't anything worth stealing in there. They opened my CD console but I guess decided they didn't like the AllmanBros or CountingCrows, or JoeWalsh. Dumbass. Insurance is covering it all and I'm getting around in a humiliating little Neon that they're covering most of too. At least with gas at well over two bucks a gallon there's a trade off in that. Supposed to be ready Mon or Tues, we'll see. Meanwhile, we'll try'n enjoy this most glorious time of the year... bet it's nice in Paris right about now!


3.26 Back from a week of bricklaying & geocaching at the Cloister on Sea Island. I know it wasn't supposed to be any kind of vacation, but it sure felt like one. Except for the part about getting up at 4am on Monday to try and arrive on the jobsite at a decent hour. And the part about driving 6 hours to get to work and another 6 to get home. Guess I better get used to the idea though, there'll certainly be alot of traveling as Pyramid's safetyman. And to be honest, I did drive relatively slowly (70mph & under) and I did stop for some geocaching along the way! Everyday I'd wake up in my suite at the Guest Cottages in Brunswick, do my exercises, eat some b'fast, and head out for St.Simon Is. to catch the shuttle bus that took us to the Cloister, work all day, then geocache around the area until dinner which was usually an all-you-can-eat affair at the local Golden Corral or Ryan's. Then back to the suite for a shower, a little TV on one of my two sets, and an early bedtime. Had some fine weather while I was there, but you can tell that summer is on the way and that's one place you're not going to want to work in the summertime. And those little sand gnats will drive you crazy! I was wondering why everyone was driving around with their windows up on such a fine night until I stopped at a redlight and the little bastards swarmed in the Jeep and started biting every exposed bit of flesh I offered them.  Can you say DEET? Anyway, it's all over now, made it back alive, in the ATL with my baby and blogging it all out for ya here at the HouseofWeb! Sweet. 

3.13 As ol' Jed Clampett used to say, well doggie! Here we are on a thundery Sunday night, cranking out a little blog that you may care about or not. As is says in my bio, my pleasure comes from puttin' it out there for ya! The weather here in the big A has gone summery with temps today in the mid, seemingly sweltering seventies and, like I said, the occasional thunder cracking overhead has us all thinking about warmer months ahead. The only thing I'm thinking about ahead however is July, and you know why! Had a good GGA meeting yesterday and picked up some useful info pertaining to the manipulation of that cursed PDA I bought. Actually, I wound up ironing a few issues out today on my own and now things may be coming together in spite of my general lack of geekism. Guess that's a good thing.  Look for me out there in the field with my head buried in on of my disgusting array of consumer electronics..GPS, PDA, cell. What a backpack fulla, that made my shoulder sore! Whooff! there's lightning in the distance, I gotta go! JB out.

3.6 Just have time for a quickie now that we're getting over what turned out to be bronchitis and are moving about somewhat freely again. Passed the 1000 find mark in our geocaching pursuits finally at the NGORGE meeting up in Walker Co. last weekend and that was a cool milestone to be sure! Got a TungstenE PDA off EBay and now am in the throes of  learning how to use the thing, going 'paperless', and possibly even organizing my messy little life. No, it may take more than $200 worth of electronics to accomplish that task! Anyway, there's good news on the work front, too. Approval has come down for the new safety position at Pyramid and I start that new chapter in July. Check back & you'll get the updates on how that's going, but we're all expecting nothing but excellence! OK...gotta go... see ya in cyberspace!  -JB




2.23 A great big howdy from the our house to your'n! That sounds kinda happy, but trust me, I'm feelin' kinda crappy. Got that old wintertime flu thing goin' on, and none to thrilled about it. Had to take a day off yesterday and recuperate with bedrest and plenty of liquids. Hated to miss work, dont'cha know it just broke my little heart, but I was back in the swing of things today, kinda. Took the Libby in for her 11,000mi service and they had to order her under the knife for a control arm replacement next week. Making some weird squeaking noises from the frontal suspension lobe, hope this fix is the end-all. Taking the thing on the trails this coming weekend for our February NGORGE, and lemme tell you, I'm pretty excited about that! It's all really about the geocaching anyway isn't it? JBzHOW is approaching our 1000th cache find, sitting on 986 at the moment and just another reason to be super-excited but at the same time, flu-subdued. I hate my nose. We've taken to calling 'em 'snot boxes'  'round here. 'Round here, hmmmmm.  Kinda makes one wonder when Adam and the Counting Crows are gonna release something new eh? Wasn't that last one excellent!? Anyway, work may be transitioning too here lately. I've been presented with the opportunity to lay down my trowel forever and become more of a management kind of guy. Safety officer, more precisely.  Wouldn't that be groovy? Lots of travel to far away exotic places like NC & FL, and the bonus that therein lies even more opportunities for you know what. Yeah, it's a whirled-wide obsession. I guess there'd be alot of work involved too, but personally, I'm ready for a big new challenge in my life, and I think I'm about to get it!               

2.16 Alot goin' on in our world but there's always time for a quick blog here at the HouseOfWeb.  Of course, right now's no good so we'll hafta catch up wit'ja later! Blame yourselves, 'cause I'm rubber!

2.1 Here we are still kickin' after our big ice storm. Lots of folks in the area lost power but we came out unscathed except for one large limb which fell harmlessly outta the giant magnolia tree in front. Seems like magnolia and pine were the hardest hit species around town with about half an inch of ice covering the leaves/needles they littered the ground everywhere and took out power, cable, & phone in their wake. No problem with clean up, just whip out the ol' chainsaw and start choppin' like Paul Bunyon hissef. Now there's even a new, much  sharper chain installed  N so I'm lookin' for more arbolic victims to prey on. Hmmm. That mimosa on the side of the house is kind of a trash tree now isn't it? Enough tree talk. Here's a link to some storm pics from the GGA forums if you wanna see. Atlantans and southerners are such weiners when it comes to the slippery stuff, and this place just about shut down when things got only semi-hairy. Learning to drive in NJ turns out wasn't such a bad thing after all! Just slap the Jeep in 4WD and go! But go where? Of course all the schools, churches, & stores are closed, except, that is for good ol' Home Depot, where the poor desperate throngs & me peruse the chainsaw aisle. 

January 2005

1.24 Just a little bloggin' fer yer noggin' . And a special link for the L&LMac's. Enjoy m'chillins.

1.18 It's early here at the House of Web on a cold Tuesday morning. Really didn't have to get out of bed but I knew this would be a moment where I could slip on my webmaster hat & do a little updating. It's been a busy year so far what with spring-like temps in the South we've been working as much as possible the past couple of weeks. Back to back full weeks as a matter of fact. In January no less! Then the weekends have been a flurry of activities too, mostly involving geocaching and trailing my Jeep around NGa. There aren't a whole lotta 'around the house' chores to do this time of the year, but I have managed to re-organize & re-shelf our audio closet and repair a couple of nagging electrical issues we'd been putting up with. And no fires yet, imagine that! I guess if it ever warms up enough I'll get to work building that smoker in the backyard, cleaning out the gutters, trimming the trees, and remodeling that back bathroom too. Or, instead, I could hop in the Liberty and go find some more geocaches..............

1.2 Happy New Year, kids! Guess that's it for the holiday hoopla this year. The decorations & lights are all packed away & the tree is at the curb awaiting the recycleman already. It's kind of our traditional New Year day activity, clearing out the Christmas bomb that went off at the House of Web, this year made even easier by the fact that we're having a spell of springlike weather and temps are up in the sunny 60's. So much for 2004 anyway. And now, in 2005 I've made my resolutions- no more cookies in my diet, and no more Mr. Niceguy at work. Which by the way is just up the road in Midtown. Hanging out on Peachtree, putting together some spiffy new condos.  Then when there's a little spare time there's always someting in need of repair or upgrading around the House, probably enough to keep me busy until '06 rolls around. Lovely.


12.20 Another quick blog here try'n a few new things. It's mighty cold here in the ATL. 17 degrees this morning and the wind chill was worse'n that last night. Needless to say there will be no mesclata made up today. So let's take a minute, see what's what, and go from there. K?


12.17 If it seems like it's been awhile, well it has, but there's a million good reasons. That's right, reasons. Not excuses, mind you, but reasons. Let's just say now briefly that everyone here at JBz is OK and there's no need for panic! Our little computer that could, however, decided not to the other day and we've had to do some technical adjustments around here. That particular phase is winding down now and things are getting back to normal, just thought you might like to know.  More excitement to come soon surely, but for now it's back under the rock from whence we came. Until next time, later dudez.


11.28 Sunday morning, early Sunday morning waking up with the chickens and messing around with the computer. Trying to keep a clean machine by running SpyBot, AdAware, defragging, and updating Windows. Also ran a program called RegClean if anyone's familiar with that one. One of these days this thing'll probably blow up in my face. Wouldn't that be poetic!? All those years spent scoffing at the computer geeks and now I'm is one!...There's a new Thanksgiving table with a few shots from DC on the Photohut page. Nothing extravagant, really just the few that came out half decent & were OK'd by the 'censors'...  Looks like we're going to have a fairly nice day here in the ATL, guess that means off the butt and out into some fresh air, maybe even some, oh my gosh, air-obic exercise! Now, that may blow up in my face for real!

11.14 Welcome back to JBzHouseofWeb for another scintilating episode of life as we know it here in the sunny, rainy, foggy, hot, cold, n humid & dry southern quadrant. Yeah, so it's been awhile since our last installment but you really didn't miss too much. All our ducks are in a nice neat row for now & we're still working on not working, and that still ain't working...so we've resigned ourselves to just making the best of it all. Last wekend we rode the Liberty down to Coffee County, Ga for the National BBQ Festival, which at first blush sounds like it might be right up our alley, but turned out to be more of a nice ride through middle Georgia than any kind of gastronomic bonanza. Learned one thing about making BBQ; anybody can do it! The ride was very pleasant though with bright, cool skies leading us past thousands of acres of ripe cotton like an early snowfall over the countryside. Didn't take the first picture...Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we're on the road again up to DC for the week. Halloween has come and gone here at the HOW and if you didn't think we live in an urban environment, well we only had one lone trick-or-treater, a cute little Tinkerbell that recieved a big hand full of my Twixbars. But, as you can tell, we're really not suffering too, too bad around here. Maybe, just maybe we'll see about tryin' to make another jbzlog before Christmas arrives! Aloha!!


10.11 Well, slap my butt and call me Sally! Betcha thought I'd dropped right off the planet, HUH?! No such luck. I mean here we are in the midst of birthday season and nary a blog in sight. What's up with THAT?! HUH!?! Hoping I can rectify that with a cheap little edition here & now, but I know that'll just leave you wanting more. Thats OK. Always leave 'em wanting more, they say. Who says? They. You see what I'm sayin'? No, but I HEAR what it is you're saying... Anyway, lots of stuff going on here in our absence. Maggies birthday, cooler weather, ordering extra crispy pizza, etc and on and on. Had a couple of really good ideas lately that I'd like to share. First is the velcro front closure bra. Think about it. That one came to me on a forced march through Victorias Secret. Then there was the Vacation Renovation Co. An outfit who would come in while you're on vacation for a week or two and do intense 24/7 residential remodeling , so when you get back from Japan or wherever, your new kitchen is good to go. HUH?! Ok, so you didn't like that one, here's just a couple recent website ideas- 'midlifecrisis.org' (a real need for this one) or howsa 'bout, 'www.port-a-johnart.com' (could be educational).  The ideas really seem to flow this time of the year.



9.15 Here we are again readying ourselves for the delugenal remnants of another hurricane, Mr. Ivan. Take shelter & stay tuned to the Weather Channel for the latest updates, watches & warnings in your area! Actually, these days we keep up with our daily online weather needs with MyCast, and just started keeping up with Ivan on AccuWeather, which has all the cool radar & satellite loops available for us broandbanders. The rain hasn't started yet but they say tomorrow & Fri are going to be washouts for bricklayers & you know what that means. That's right, you may see some extra activity around here at the House... Just my bad luck that I got nailed in the back of the hand pretty good this morning  & had to pack it in  and seek medical attention. The nail didn't go straight through, thank god, just kinda peirced me and flew off somewhere. Went looking for the nail to make sure it was all in one piece, but we never found it, then just decided to go ahead and call it a day. Obviously I'm OK to type, and still have total function, just some soreness, swelling,& stiffness. Other than that, looks like we're gonna have the next couple of days off to recuperate! It's always somethin'! Huh?

9.7 Well we're cabin-bound here 'cause of Frances. Been rainin' all day and supposed to be heavy tommorw. Had some rainy day projects to do, among'em burning  CD's & making up some cool geocaching sig items for trade. & I keep forgetting to blog on my new DSL connection, but it's made all the difference &'ll never go back to dial-up.!... Had our yearly physicals this morning and it looks like we'll live to make many more installments here on the HouseofWeb!...Guess I just need some outside air. 


9.6 Just got back from a beautiful long weekend in DC, and boy are my.....oh, no,no,no. I won't go there & spoil the nice fuzzy travel buzz that's  still left. Had a cool time visiting with the family, highlighted by a near perfect Alsatian feast last night at L'Auberge Chez Francois. Yummy and then some! We made an abrupt exit as we headed to the airport early today for our flight back to the ATL in the face of Frances ever creeping toward the HouseofWeb! We're supposed to get six inches of rain out of her tomorrow. Shoulda bought that danged canoe I had my eye on Sat night! There's a few new pics from the trip in the Photohut. Check 'em out & we'll check you later!


8.29 Every now and then I get the urge to blog, but usually I surf around all the other cooler sites on the web until the feeling goes away. Today, however, here I'm is. I made a stupid little video greeting linked above under the pic if ya feel like it... Everything is going, well, it's going here at the House- except for my ongoing DSL debacle with the almighty Earthlink. I may have it tomorrow, and I may not. I want it. Earthlink wants me to have it. If the two of us could ever hook up it'd be great! I'm hopin'.

8.3 Even I can't resist a good blog, and boy, this is a humdinger. Tri-monthly or is it try monthly? In our own defense, your honor, we have a fool for a client and no good reason for the e-deficit other than insanity. Yes, we may not know karate, but we do know caa-raazzyee!..... So it has been kinda crazy lately here at the House'o'Web. I can tell you that much. And the upshot of the crazyness is that Maggie is discovering MARTA and just how gooda friends she really has out there who'll give her ride while she 's not driving for the next six months. Tomorrow we hopefully wrap up the legal mumbo with the ATL and from there we just keep our eye on our little bunny and hope for the best!.. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we still get up & make the donuts. And boy, do we love it. The yard has that lush & lovely August green overgrown look, and I'm contemplating the 1000 brick smoker that needs building in back. For making my famous 'SlapYourDaddy' damn barbecue, of course. You may have noticed that August is misspelled up top there at this months-always-different-font header. Right, Argust. Uh-huh. Well, that's  raw Appalachicola oyster lover lingo meaning a good month for eatin'. -JB



7.21 Early morning blog waiting for my sugar to show after her sleepless night. Lots of news here at the House, but too bad there's really not alot that's cleared for general release. Let's just say, have a go at this beauty. 'Stz been pretty nice weather here in the ATL lately. Coolish at night, and really not too hot during the day. Unless you're out working in it, that is. Yesterday we pulled a huge piece of black plastic over the top of the scaffold to give ourselves some shade from the 90's. What a difference! And these days when the humidity ain't in the 90's it almost feels like summer someplace other than hell.... And in case you haven't heard, our hero, Lance Armstrong is once again kicking ass & taking names for this, a record sixth time, at the 2004 Tour de France!... Anyway, thanks for stopping in, and be sure to take a look at JBzPhotoHut on your way peace-ing out! 

7.11 Back from the Upstate with a new page of photos for you to check out. have a look, it won't hurt you one bit! 

7.2 Wow, did June go by fast or what?? Just kinda sideswiped us and kept a'goin'. Well anyway, we're here now, and that's what's important. But now we've got to turn around & leave again! For a week in the Catskills, my friends. Howz that sound? Of course, I'm taking the camera so you may get to see some of the action later next week right here at the HouseofWeb...Newswise, lessee...working on Holy Spirit still. Yesterday we set a 5 ton arched header. That's possibly the largest single piece of stone I've ever had the pleasure of handling. Wish't I'd had my camera for that...in Geocaching news, have now found over 800 and counting. I've got a new spot scoped out for a hide, but these days you can't just plop 'em out in the field, you've got to have some kind of dastardly twist or confounding puzzle to stump seekers. I'll work all that out this week while I'm relaxing upstate. For now, have a safe & happy 4th. Bye.


6.15 Just for Les 'n' Michelle here is the Cabin page , complete with a background that I was inspired to paint yesterday.



5.31 Back from an inspiring weekend in DC. Had smooth passage & interesting activities, including fine dining, visiting the opening of the WWII Memorial, witnessing the 2004 Rolling Thunder procession, some family geocaching, and today's Memorial Day parade. Posting a few of the pics to the PhotoHut.... 

.......Big groan, it's back to work tomorrow AM. So sad.

5.29 Up early this Memorial Day weekend morning, as usual chomping at the bit & rearing to go. Catching a mid-morning flight to Reagan National to be with family on this most poignant of holidays. Driving around the ATL last night we noticed how light the traffic seemed and figured everybody else had the same get-out-of-town idea. I'm sure we're not going to be the only ones headed to Washington what with the big WW2 Memorial dedication & all. Can't imagine what traffic & security will be like but you know we'll be at Hartsfield-Jackson two hours before our flight just in case...Some other stuff while we've got a minute here...Work is good. Yes, that's right. You heard me, good! We're at Holy Spirt building two buildings for the Donnelson School. Everything is going smoothly, everyone is happy, we're all making good production, we're making some money, nobody's complaining, man! it's been a LONG time since you heard anything like THAT, huh? One of the best jobs I've ever worked on. 'Nuff said 'bout that....Could still use some rain here, even though our zoysia crop is coming in pretty good this year & everything is blooming out nicely so far, they say we're in a mild drought already. If only I could upload the heady aroma coming from our gardenia patch! MMmmmm!... And then there's always geocaching. Sitting on 770 finds with a few close-by ones in my Vista in case we get a chance this weekend...Have a safe and happy weekend, and remember this Memorial Day that our freedom was not free.

5.24 Back from our 20th Anniversary Tour. Wanna see a page 'o' pics I slapped together?

5.15 A fine summer morning on tap, just the kind you need to kick off a 2004 20th Anniversary Tour! Just like on our honeymoon, a week at the beach ought to do it. Lots of activities including a BBQ cookoff this evening, tours of the area, mucho geocache, and the most important of all...laying around like a couple of old married beached whales! I love you Maggie, and thanks for these first 20 years of charmed spousal life! Let's roll!


4.21 Alrighty! Gotta make this quick, just poppin' in to pop some pics on the photohut. There, done. Arrivedercci.

4.10 Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is.

But seriously, folks...there is no shortage of flora here in the Piedmont. Really what we need is some rain! The zoysia isn't greening up too well & our woods are tinder-dry. A nice two or three day rain event would be welcome at this point. I mean, here we go again with that whole drought thang....Working here & there, Intouch Ministries at Spaghetti Junction, & lately at KSU, just until the bricks are delivered to Holy Spirit. Then I should have a home for a while...Heading up to Rome today for the GGA meeting & to pick up a few more smilies. Enjoy!!


3.28 Beautiful Sunday morning in Atlanta. Wisteria, redbud, and dogwood abloom, perfect except for the creeping yellow crud is starting to invade us. Pine, that is. At least we drive a pollen colored vehicle now (see above). That's good.... Adding some pics from Jerry & Susan's wedding to JBzPhotoHut page. 

3.26 Kinda busy now though, eh? See new Jeep above. Just got back from Tuscaloosa and gotta pack up for Dallas... Georgia, that is, for the Miller wedding. Sure there'll be tuxes & toasting with plenty of pictures. Pasted some of the job in the PhotoHut. Adios 'till Sun.

3.21 Back to back time on my hands waiting for something to take place. A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for. When you die you leave what you have & take what you are. Pearls before swine. You figure it out & let me know.

3.20 Exactly a month since the last installment here, guess time really does fly! Lots of action around the House in that time frame, let's run down whatever can be remembered; Working in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on the U Bama campus last week and next week, Jerry & Susan's wedding next weekend, had the trim painted, ordered a Jeep Liberty, tryin' to sell the truck, visited by Mom & Dad, Happy birthday to Marc F., Maggie changes jobs, 700th geocache find, various aches & pains too numerous to mention, shorter of breath and one day closer to death! It's all good, and we continue to enjoy! 

Check out Max & Lindsey in Australia, they're having a lovely time, mate!


2.20 Friday, with one of the first full weeks of the year under the ol' workbelt today!... Waiting for TennisWife to get home so's we can get our big weekend on 'n' just decided to get crazy 'n' log some extra crapola here this month. It's whatever. Moved a few pics around, added a cool link.

2.16 Another winter installment for your surfing pleasure! With pictures & everything! Was going to dump the digital camera into my MSN album, but the thing only holds so much & it's maxed out and therefore, pretty useless. Oh, I could pay and get more storage, but I'm not. Look for this site to fill up with the worthy photos, and the rest, well, adios!..Hey! That Ebay thing worked great for selling my guitar. Actually it's Irwin's from Plainview, NY, now. Everybody's happy, and now I'm lookin' around the HouseofWeb to see what else we might want to unload! I've got over 300 70's rock LP's in the closet gathering dust that have to go! Stackin' 'em DEEP, 'n' sellin' 'em CHEAP! People will buy anything...Here's a pic of all the ingredients you'll need to find this geocache. I'm hint-happy too, now that I've found it! Yellow Jacket won't mind.... 

2.07  Real, real busy lately, just trying to make it through our rough Georgia winter! Uh-huh.  Work's been slow due to rain & cold, but lots of activities keep us off the couch and on the run. Got an item up for sale on Ebay, a 1989 Fender Strat . It's been interesting so far. Also looking into trading vehicles. If the guitar thing goes well, we may try vehicle vending on Ebay too. Interested in a Jeep Liberty 4x4.  Of course, the 4x4 will help to find those elusive N.Ga. mountain geocaches. I was just thinking today, knock on wood, how lucky we are to have made it thus far into winter without so much as a sniffle. After all the flu hype last fall 'n' all...BUT, there's still time, and if the flu don't getcha, wait for a lovely, powdery yellow spring to come. Everyone sniffles then! Gotta go! Peace out.

 January 2004

1.24  Happy Anniversarys going out to the Smiths on their 50th, and to the McDonalds on their 16th. 

1.14 Well, howdy! Gonna get my blog on here for a minute. Let's just jump right in with it. On the work front; Finally finished at the Blank building yesterday! May have to stop back by to iron out a few corners, and take a few admiring photos of our handiwork, but that dark cloud has passed... although the pain lingers on in my poor degenerated discs.  Not real good, but improving under doctor ordered light-duty.  I guess I knew this day was coming, but didn't think it would be at 44. Now considering other career opportunities...let's see, what is there? I'm thinking neon artist! Wonder what all's involved with that? On the home front; it's all good. Still enjoying lots o' geocaching,  as you can see, averaging .845 finds per day.  The house and garden have gone to hell, but hey, it's the prime winter months! No heat, leaves, bugs, or snakes, and we make our hay while the sun shines! Oh, I could go on and on.....

1.1.2004 Just had to log that date. Happy New Year, pal! To be honest, we crapped out way before midnight last night, only to be awakened later by the hoopla in the streets. Sounded like a war zone.  Maggie muttered something about happhynewyer,  rolled over and went back to sleep. So much for that excitement. On with the show!


12.20 Told ya I'd be back! Had to work a little on the Blank building on this cold Saturday, but now that everybody's happy, I can finish up more important things. Like wishing all our visitors a warm and joyous holiday season! Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, what have you, Happy, Happy!... We'll be here at the House for the holidays as opposed to traveling to be with family, but we'll certainly be with you all in spirit!  And speaking of Christmas spirit, you should see our fantastic display of holiday lights in the front yard. Although it isn't as grand as what we saw in Rock City last weekend, it's not on top of a mountain in the freezing cold either. Hmmm. Not freezing...Free...I'll be right over. Actually our little 'hood has done well this year with lights. Several lovely displays. If we don't get to talk again before, have a merry, merry to you and yours! Peace.

 12.19 Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore. La de da...'s been a while, but here I'm is saying I'll be right back with a more worthwhile log later in this weekend. Kind of a quantity-quality thing. You know. But I WILL get the holiday edition of the House of Web up, directly. Meanwhile,.. hang that shining star upon the highest bough!



11.19  Had a little computer time today.... so I wrangled around here and there setting some things right. Dumped two full camera cards into my MSN site PhotoHut2003.  Also updated the Linkz page here to weed out the broken and add the newest scintillatings. I'd like to get some new shots of place we're working on now, but we aren't allowed to photograph any part of the building. That's a first. Shhh. It's a secret! Things are coming right along and I may be out of there by Christmas......... Geocache count....562 as of today.


11.10 San Diego was beautiful. See some selected photos in the PhotoHut. Work is work. Gotta go. Nice to see you, bye.



10.26 Up extra early on this Sunday morning, and with a little rain finally falling, it's daylight savings time again. Yeah, happy that. Birthday week was good,... and, I lowered my cholesterol! Just thought you might like to know....Heading out to San Diego next weekend for some fun in the sun, geocaching, & sightseeing. It's a damn shame that Maggie's gotta work the whole time...Time to make the donuts.

10.2 My favorite month of the year! It's birthday season! Just finishing Maggie's week, and surely it's been a pleasure for her. What, with every domestic wish coming true, including total control of the TV flicker. Good thing she likes watching baseball! ...The weather is so fine these days in Atlanta, it feels like payback for all those hellish hot days this summer. Actually they say we only had 8 or 9 days over 90degrees this year. That's 9 too many anyway...Off to the airport to pick up the suegras coming in from the Catskills for a weekend visit, and to get 'em selves some of this good Georgia air. Later.


9.25 Must be we've hit the busy season now. There's never enough time in the day to do everything at hand, but there's always tomorrow. Then tomorrow there'll be tomorrow's stuff and what's left from today as well...Thankfully, summer's muggy days are over and now we can all go back outside & play. That includes geocaching of course, as JBzHOW  nears the 500 find mark! How 'bout them apples!.. Work is much more pleasant these days too. Still setting precast stone on Mr. Blanks place, and really it's not too bad. Let's not get too happy about it though because it could all turn to crap in a heartbeat. Well, it could.

9.7 Well, hello dere. Blogging early in the morn, waiting for my bride to wake up, and killing some time here at the House. No real hard news today.  Weather-wise, the temps have finally relented a bit in the ATL. Yippie!... Those Falcons start their regular season today in Dallas without Vick. Maybe I'll watch the carnage. Hell, MAYBE they'll whip up on the Cowboys. One never knows. Maggie's been glued to the US Open lately. Last night we had to shut it off to go up to lovely Vinings, just as she was sure Roddick had lost his semi final, only to return later and find out he came back and WON. That even impressed me. That's the sports and weather, folks. Now, back to you.




8.16 Finally with a few shots of the ArthurBlankFamilyFoundationBuilding , ABFFB for short, I guess. Rode by there on my day off just to get 'em, so you BETTER look! Mike, the crane operator spotted me in various adjacent parking decks and slipped out on to his rig to get into the west shot....It's hot n humid now, boy. All I've got to say is, thank god for AC....and DC. And John Gorrie.  And, I don't know why I thought cell phones would work in a blackout. If we ever had one in the south during summer, we'd all melt right away. How did they stand it in the old days? 

8.5 Missed me, huh?!  Yeah I didn't really think you would, but here I'm is anyway. Last log was before our trip, and now the DC weekend seems like a pleasant memory. Had a great time, but I never did take any pictures then or since then. And there's not a whole lot new at the HOW. Or in general...One pic sent in from Richmond of T-Bone's newly redecorated room surprise face w/BOB n Dad.... Hotness at work so annoying it makes one want to stay indoors all the rest of the time. But, like they say, You can't make any money at home! And all those geocaches  out in the woods, beckoning. Fiiind meeee! Time to get TOUGH.


7.20 Hey! It's also 7:20 in the morning! Yup, I'm an early riser, and while the wife sleeps, I type. Really just wanted to add a link to some more pictures you might not want to bother with, at my MSN site. PhotoHut2003  There ya go..... In other news...look at Lance GO! Check out Le Tour at Lance's site ...... It's become mightily hot and sticky  in Atlanta. I guess that's par for the course around here in July, but it seems extra nasty this year. Especially at work, where we suffer daily while trying to keep our cool. It's ALL good, though! And fall is just around the corner. Speaking of HEAT, we're headed up to DC next weekend for a visit, some touring, and a belated celebration of JnR's/MnD's 50th anniversary. May even take some pics to share with the internet community. Whaddya think?!.....Bye!

7.4 Welcome to the Fourth of July here at the House o Web. Just got back from the mountains and boy, are my fingertips tired from making a new page. Still have yet to unpack & settle in...priorities, priorities, you know! But at least the page is ready for viewing and I can shut this computer off and go ahead on with the rest of this life. Have a safe & happy holiday weekend! Woo-Hoo!!



6.26 Yup. Another summer solstice behind us and we begin our slide toward winter. You can't tell around here. After a wet & mild spring suddenly it's become hot & stuffy in the ATL. Makes work at the Arthur Blank Family Offices an all-day pursuit of a little sombre. By the way, also on the work front, our nemesis, Pat is GONE from that job in a shocking move that made every man on our crew much happier & possibly more productive...Anyway, no more work talk. We're on vacation! Again! Off to the Catskills today for a week of cool, clean, mountain air, and Brent's HS graduation ceremony w/ follow-up parties. Should be fun, maybe we'll get a few pics for the Photohut!...and last but not least, Geocaching! Finally passed the 400 mark last week and put out a new multi semi-toughie the other day...So anyway, stay cool and we'll see you next time, right here at JBzHouseofWeb!

6.2 Oh my Gawd! Back to back logs here at the House of Web! I don't believe what I'm reading, man!..Yes, yes. Settle down. Everything is going to be OK. I just wanted to announce that starting NOW there will no longer be those annoying damn pop-ups on this site. Had to break down and pony up the $6.95 a month to ZeroCatch, thereby disqualifying the House of Web as a truly free site, but hey! Ain't it better this way? I think so. I went through and cleaned all the commercial crap out of the code for each page herein, so things should be runnin' SMOOTH! Thanks for your attention, and now back to our regularly scheduled program. -JB

6.1 Our timing couldn't be better now that we're in the month of June. That May was just hectic, with the bathroom, geocaching, work, rain, and a little mild flu with a cherry on top. Geocaching-wise, JBzHOW has accumulated over 380 finds now, and hidden three new ones last month.  Bathroom-wise, we're ALMOST finished! No more  pink, and now there are columns in the thing.  Work-wise, Trinity Presbyterian is mostly complete, so we moved on over, 'bout a half mile, to the Arthur Blank Foundation headquarters, Paces Ferry area. We're working with the worlds biggest a--hole, Pat E., but can I just say, that man runs a tight friggin' ship.                      




5.31 Well...By my own rantings , this site should be in the process of being dismantled, as I missed my May 2003 entry. Then again, who's gonna know?? We'll just keep all this under our hats and continue muddling on through. To be fair, we have been spending our 'freetime' working on getting the bathroom redone, and now that it's almost complete, there'll be more opportunities for jblogging!


4.24 April almost got away without a single post! The month that happens is the month I give this charade of a website up...and now, that I've used the word charade, my website is complete.


3.23  Perfect weather weekend spent inside at work on the bathroom and watching the war between trips to the hardware store. Took a few new pics with the pencam.

3.06  A rain day in the form of flooding thunderstorms this a.m...so it's that time, yup, that's right, updatin' the ol' jbzhouseaweb we are. Got most of my rainy day chores out of the way early then got to work on the bathroom. You know, the pepto-bismol pink 1950's model as yet untouched hall bathroom that we're also updating. Paint, reglazed tile, beadboard wainscotting, and most importantly a new, higher toilet...between some recent decent working weathers and the renovations going on there's barly been time for any geocaching at all lately. Guess that'll jus' have to be my carrot... much to the joy of spouse!



2.16  Another Valentine Day come and gone, we ate some mexican down to El Charro... Put out a couple of new caches this past week, both on the southwest side of the city where they're wide open for geocaching...My little valentine is a brand-newbie brace-face as of last week. She got the InvisAlign design and they're really not noticeable, pretty comfortable, and she'll have the tops off by Oct... Raining in the Atl, so we're still in our PJ's, resting up for the big President's Day lasagna dinner tonight at Marianne's..Enjoy!

 2.06  Not much of a website, eh? Going down hill rapidly at best. Making a lovely parallel to my life, sitting here on a grey, rainy day, foot hurts, back hurts, slowly getting over a nasty cold. But we won't let all that crap get us down, no sir. This site and I shall keep on keepin' on... boring to tears our poor victims as they innocently peep thru the windows of the House not quite sure what to expect and getting even less! Not even a jpeg or two to peruse this month? I'll see what I can do about that or the lack thereof.


1.12 Back at work on the house of web here, with some new hardware (motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive) and some new software (trying to update this page with FrontPage 2000 for the first time). Shall we talk geocaching? We got close to the 300 mark for the year, eliciting comments from certain naysayers, like, "too much time on your hands, JB?". We'll actually no. Lots of stuff to do, just not doing them and geocaching instead! 


12.8 Remember back to the days when this weblog useta BE something. We coulda been a conTENda. Now we're NObody...NUTHin'. Maybe time's come for the weblog portion of the show to fade out into the sunset and move on. No one left to blame, no regrets...never say you're sorry, thanks for the mammaries, etc, etc.. Whatever. We'll see...Probably just a little down after watching the Home Depot Falcons get whupped up on by the TBBucs...On a lighter note, Christmas is just around the corner and we're all ready, including a fantastic holiday light display out front of the HouseofWeb. We're talkin' thousands of mini-lights in harmonic combination! Brings joy to your heart! The coords are provided elsewhere on this website. I'm gonna stick some pics on the photohut page now. Bye.

11.11 My goodness, how I've slacked off my webmaster duties. How'reyas'posed to keep up when I refuse to find time to update?? Who the hell really cares? The HouseofWeb's been up for 2 years now and I was going back thru the archive noticing each of the first few months there were 4 or 5 updates per- complete with links and lots of love. Then, as you move ahead in time the log entrys become fewer and fewer and you certainly don't get much in the way of cool links anymore... it's that dammed geocaching thing isn't it? Oh, yeah. Two hundred and thirty four found and 16 hidden since Dec 31, 2001. You figure it out. It's amazing I made time to go to work & keep the yard up. You'da thought I'd be over it by now, but NO!...All the work and play has left me with a stress fracture in my foot that's healing slowly, but still have managed to finish the veneer on the Allen Rd. retaining wall, a project some 8 years in the making. Can you say procrastination?

10.8 My favorite month of the year. Can't let it slip away without logging in. Working on an addition to Trinity Presbeterian at Howell and Moores Mills Rds. Mostly brick and some stone, starring jack arches over all the wenders. Maggie checks the HouseofWeb content every now and then, today being one or the other, and sent me a critique of my crappy little bio so I changed it. She's mostly lookin' for personally incriminating tidbits she may be publicly embarassed by and other than a couple of minor points, I guess we're good for another quarter. Thanks for Karen.

9.21 Got so much done today early I've got a minute for the House of Web before heading out for the eve. I put up four new pics from work on the PhotoHut and they're probably the last and only we'll see from Cumming as I'll be moving over to help on a church at Howell Mill Rd.. So nice and close to home. Much better than the sad possibility of going to Athens where J. Barnes and R. Ward are headed. Anyway, man that was quick. I guess my minute's up. Catch ya later. Keep it between the grooves.

9.10 Waited a good long time between post here dint I? Not too reliable as a freakin' webmaster now am I? So much other crap to do that this crap gets shoveled under the rug... Oh, there's been the new tires episode, starring Kauffman Tires Cheshire Bridge as the nasty villian. Can't just buy a new set of tires and drive out happy, NO! Today they installed my third brand new set in 2 months. What's the problem you ask? Out of round and unable to be balanced, causing annoying vibrations at highway speeds. Now the truck's got some Michelins on it and I may be able to go on with my life...Then there's the geocaches, of which I have now found 201 and hidden 14. Since Dec 31, 2001. The thing is there are geocachers who have done more than that. They're my heros. I'd better get on the ball, eh?...Work is a big bank up in Forsyth Co, Cumming, to be exact. Red brick, red mud and white precast. Some nice dogtooth headers and fluted stone columns. Maybe I'll take me camera up one day.... Which leads us back to the HouseofWeb, still chuggin' along. Thanks for checking in. One link here , to my MSN site, where I'm fixing to dump a summer full of stuff into my various photo albums. Enjoy!


8.25 Aaaannnddd....,we'reback. Didn't seem like nearly long enough, but it was nice to breathe a weeks worth of good, clean mountain air. See a couple of highlights on the Catskill Summer page.

8.16 The anniversary of Elvis's death. When is his birthday anyway?...Can't stay long, we're off to the Catskills tomorrow for a week of family fun and good old fashoned corn- eatin'. Don't knock it 'till ya've tried it...got a little rain last night and hoping for some more real soon. Like monsoon. Later.

8.6.2002 Welcome to August here at the House and hope you're having a great summer...... It's hot as hell here in the atl and this week finds me back at the old Agnes Scott job, setting the last few limestone on some site work at the front entry. No shade, no air, but on the positive side we do get all the new science building's "high quality" H2O we can guzzle. Enough work talk...... Things are very dry and some of the huge trees that loom over our neighborhood are starting to look suspicious. Zar is worried about one in particular, a huge oak with a meanacing lean toward his bedroom. Anybody need some farwood?...I put up somemore pics from Edisto and other places on my MSN PhotoHut, and we'll be posting some others soon from a mid-Aug trip to the Catskills..... That's it for now, stay cool.... As if I had to tell YOU that!


7.23 I'm still here. Busy as hell with rare moment to catch up here with the Houseaweb. I'm putting up a couple of new pics on the PhotoHut, saying, hey! , and we're gone. Thanks for caring, and please pass a good word. Later...

7.4.2002 Whooooo....I din't realize July 4th was such a big drinkin' holiday.....And dammit, I've gotta work tomorrow while the rest of the nation recovers!


6.29 Working 6 days a week 9hrs a day on the Clifton condos but still manage to find time to update the ole House of Web. Also, put up some new work pics on the Photohut. Check 'em out.

6.21 And the first day of summer a pleasant one here in the Big A. The new jobsite is cool but they've got us working overtime for an Aug.3 completion. It might happen. Imona take my camera in tomorrow and get a few shots of us setting stone.


5.27 Happy Memorial Day, and enjoying the last day off before going back to the mines tomorrow. Starting at a new location, some condos near Emory on N.DecaturRd. Catching a shuttle to the job from somewhere on Clairmont. Sounds like fun,eh? Got in shape yesterday by hoofing it up to the top of Stone Mtn. , making another new cache up there, and finding a total of nine on the day. Poison ivy, snakes and bugs, you've gotta be either dedicated or crazy....We get back the 35mm prints from Europe today so there may be some additions to Euro2002, but it's pretty well done now, and safe to look at. Go ahead, knock yerself out....

.5.25 Back from a fine 2 weeks thru Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium- check out the House of Web EuroTrip2002 pages here for the best of the pics, or, flip thru 10 pages of Eurocrusin2002 on JBz PhotoHut MSN for the bulk of the pics.

5.5.2002 May has sprung up on us here at the house of web. Just a quick update between getting ready for Europe and trying to accomplish something here on the home front- new geocache planted this weekend in Ansley Park. What fun for the Magster and I .. mostly packed for the trip.... and holding off an anxious RP on his brickwork. Sorry buddy, it ain't gonna be finished THIS month. Maybe this YEAR. Even managed to change oil in the truck after half a day killing time watching the race and feeling a little guilty about it. This may be my last testament before going overseas, so, yeah , it's been nice...i've got some geocaches picked out for the continent and we're rearin' to go! ...Seeya there!


4.27 Wow! An extra weekend edition! A photo page from the car show actually. Enjoy!

4.26 Fri. afternoon and thought I'd log in at least one more time for the month of April, and what a busy month it's been. Trying to finish up at Agnes Scott, bricks delivered here for the Allen Rd. extention and Raymond P trying to get me to do a charity job on his front stoop too. Good thing we've got a 2 week break for a little vacation action coming up mid-May... All the time praying 4 some rain that'll wash away some of this ungodly pollen from our otherwise beautiful springtime scene...Finally found my 100th geocache a couple of weeks ago and haven't been back at it since, but could be a possibility for this weekend, along with the Auto Show at GaWCC, changing truck oil, laying some extranious brickage, and bush trimming around the house. How domestic does that sound? Oh yes, I'm fully housebroken...There's a new group pic on the Photohut from work, try and figger out which one. And there's another thing to do - get the 'after' shots of the job before I move on to whatever hell may be next. Thanks for checking in anyway, sorry it couldn'tve been better for you.

4.9 April already?! I musta let the 1st slip by without fooloing anyone this year. Anyway, we've got a rain day here so I better update. In moving the past months logs to the archive page I got to reading all the old logs and it's interesting to see the progression of reports from work. When we started this one at Agnes Scott I was all excited and enthusiastic, using phrases like, 'could be sweet' and such. Then as the months pass the logs become more pessimistic and to the point now where it's not mentioned much at all. That's cause it sucks. And it's dangerous. 850lb slabs of limestone up the sides forming peaks on 8 gables 1000ft in the air. Check out the pics on the PhotoHut. I'm ready to be done but we're only halfway there. It's like Jim Barnes said- 'I shoulda listened to my Mom and become a dentist!!' .....Had a lovely visit from Tom and Dorissa last weekend. Beautiful weather for all of our outings including the dog competition in Centennial O Park, the new orchid house at Atl Botanic Garden, down to FDRs Warm Springs and an epic ride through the country geocaching and searching for Buckners Family Restaurant. ...sorry 'bout the dust bunnies Riss.


3.30 Always with the rain! Seems like the only time you get any update here at the House of Web is on a rainy day. I guess that's because if it's nice out there then we are too!. Spring and pollen season are in full swing now, leaving a yellow dust on everything and triggering much multi-sneezing and the severe itchy-eye. This rain is a God-send though, as a drought-buster and a world-washer. Kinda puts a damper on the outdoor fun, so this a.m. I was forced to paint the basement stairs. Oh, joy! ....Work sucks lately, so we're counting the days until vacation and buying the occaisonal hopeful lottery ticket.... Found 87 geocaches since New Year.... I guess we got tired of hanging inside so now we're off to the matinee! Later.

3.3 A rainy and cold wekend in Atl z been keeping us indoors and under the influence of the computer for too many hors on end. Must get...up...and go...out. (Captain Kirk-like). I did update the Photohut with some new work pics, and there are some new file sharing links on the Linkz page this morning. Check 'em out.


2.23 What I'm doing indoors starting at this computer on a beautiful Sat. like this I dunno, but we're headed out as soon as I'm done logging here. So read fast. Actually we've already been out, doing the G-word, over to theGT campus, all the way up to Mayretta, and back home thru Sat Buckhead traffic. Just another tailpipe in the crowd... Later it's off to the High, then pizza and a movie at Plaza Drugs..... Tomorrow, more good stuff just like today....Our European excursion is set now, too. Two weeks in May- 5 nights in Amsterdam, 2 in Cologne, Ger. and 5 nights in Brussels, Belgium. Sweet, huh? OK.. then we turn around and drive down to St. George, Fla. for Trish and Charlie's beachfront wedding for a little extra sweetness. All good stuff as Maggie would say.

2.18 Hoy Hoy! A log lapse of over a week at the House of Web, what's going on? I'm still enthused but my other hobbies are taking up way too much time. We've been having some great weather for Febuweary and between full weeks at work and full geocaching weekends, there aint much left for logging. One of these days I also need to take my camera to work so I can update the Photohut so all you lovely people can see how we suffer on this job.- The building's now about half-way. ..Complete, that is.... Also completely half-way. No, it's not that bad now, is it?

2.7 Is that even how you spell febuary, febBREWary...whatever. Got a couple of rain days here, been staying busy on and offline. I can tell you the house is ship-shape. For a house shaped object. Anyway I suppose that means work on Sat. and geocaching on Sun. in the rain again. But we're not complaining too much... looks like two weeks in Amsterdam and south to maybe Luxembourg we'll be a-merrily travelling this spring. My, yes.


1.29 Who knew? I'm an updating fool this week. Just wanted to pass along a link to the Other JBzPhotoHut on MSN, where I'm keeping most of the digital pics that turn out worth a fig. If it's in the fig category, I keep it there for all to enjoy and share! I just dumped a new batch in the 'WannaSeeMore?' album. Have a look!

1.28Gotta get one more log in before January slips away into archive territory. Between working and geocaching there's not a whole lotta time for webmastery but I do what I can. I was actually going to make an entry here that didn't mention the geocaching thing at all, but blew all that right off the bat now, didn't I?... I did take a look at some cascading stylesheet (CSS) tutorials, thinking they may be useful here at the HouseofWeb. And they may be, if I just stop geocaching long enough to learn how to use 'em.

1.19 Lots of website neglect going on here, all in the name of geocaching. It's consuming me to the point where I actually went out in the dark and rain at 6am this morning to look for a new downtown cache. Now, do that sound normal to you? And...I put a couple of update pics from Agnes Scott on the PhotoHut, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

1.7 Which exact moment I truly became a full-fledged techno-nerd I can't say, but this GeoCaching thing has, at last, embelished my image to the fullest degree. Mags and I stashed my first ammobox yesterday, and damned if I wasn't thrilled to see that three fellow cachers had already located the thing by the time I got home from work today! Maybe I made it too easy? It was my first, afterall. Now I'm all ready too run up to Hodge's for more boxes.. ...And yes, I did say work. Stone and brick all day. In the cold and gloom. The weather wern't that great either..

1.6 A cold and rainy morn, no work today, hey...wait a minute, it's Sunday! Have I been off so long so as to lose track of time? It feels like it. Gotta go back tomorrow for sure. At least the weather's not impeding the GeoCaching. I've found 8 caches in the last 3 days without going outside the perimeter yet. Thousands more to find too, all over the world. I'm even thinking now that our spring vacation should include a little. Maybe So. Cal. in April? I've also been readying my own cache for hiding. May have to drag my butt out in the rain today to look for a spot.

1.3.2002 And a Happy New Year! Quite a year it's been so far, what with the snow and all. One of those snow deals where they tell you it's coming, but you're like, yeah, right. We've all heard THAT before! Then it snows all day and all night, and they start saying stuff like 'snow bursts' and 'black ice'. It's fun while it lasts! Not exactly bricklayin' weather however, so it's an unwanted vacation...unless you happen to have a GPS reciever and recently have become interested in the sport of Geocaching. Oh good, just what I need, another hobby.


12.30 Up before the birds this morn, going through and cleaning up the HouseofWeb. I hope you were finished lookin' at about 30 pics that got erased and there's some newly archived blog...like anyone reads this crapola anyway...except, maybe for you, Mom. Who, along with Dad, is due a big JBzHouseofWeb "bon voyage" as they head off for three weeks crusing South America. We're all jealous. Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pics!

12.29 Couple of new pics in the PhotoHut from work. Stay warm!

12.25 Merry Christmas, kids!


12.11 There's been no time for the House of Web lately with all this holiday crap going on. We even had a good old fashoned rain day yesterday and still only got through staightening out the christmas card mailing list. There may be more rain -hallelueah!- on Thurs., hope talking about it dosen't jinx it. While there's no inside work at Agnes Scott, we're still looking for more rain. It's a tough job made tougher by the Dekalb police, who loaded up half our labor force this morning and carted them off to jail for various outstanding infractions. They did some kind of background check on us, and the school doesn't want any outlaws on their campus... but wait a minute, we're talking construction workers here. What other kind is there? Maybe they're coming back tomorrow for the rest of us.


11.28 Finally the 0catch server is ready for uploads. There's a couple o new pics from way back at Thanksgiving on the Photohut, and I made a few other changes here and there...After all that nice talk about the new job at Agnes Scott, well, just don't ask. Hopefully things will turn around before any violence starts to break out..

11.20 Put up some new job pics on the PhotoHut if you feel like checking that out. We're just about 4 weeks into the thing so there's not much to look at yet, but I'll keep ya posted. I'm loving that Indiana limestone, though....Thanksgiving's coming up on Thurs., and we're flying up to DC for a family visit. Keep your fingies crossed. Maybe there'll be pics.

11.11 With clean gutters and everything. It's a tough chore but that's the price we pay for living in the City of Trees. It was a job made somewhat easier by the fact that it hasn't rained around here in what seems like months. Are we being punished by the weather gods or what? As a bricklayer I guess I'm used to having the occasional rain day, but this fall has just been full week after full week with no end in sight. Every Sunday night for the last two months it's been the same five-day forecast, damn sunny and 70 all week long.Things are starting to dry up, guys. Can we get a little precip here?The gutters are ready!......I've been slapping up a new garden structure in the backyard. I don't quite know what to call it. Have a look for yourself. Is it a trellis or an arbor. Or maybe it's a summer house.


10.31 It hardly feels like Halloween here in the Big A... 70 degrees, clear and dry. The best kind of workin' weather though. It's a pleasure just to be outside these days, even if we are having to suffer laying brick......How 'bout a team photo of a winning DeKalb ladies tennis team proudly posing with their coveted Golden Budda trophy. Nice going, girls.

10.28 Happy B-day tatto boy. I'm working on an archive for this column, which was becoming cumbersome. Bunches of good mp3s from Aimster this weekend....lifehouse-hangingby a moment....staind-it's been awhile....phish-gin and juice....'nuff for a new ho'made cd......Work-wise, starting tomorrow at Agnes Scott college on their new brick and limestone science arts building. Could be sweet.

10.22 Man, it's been a while. Busy-ness,....well, you know. I at least had to take down the 'facial' pic before I started getting porno search hits. Everyone seemed to like it though. There's just no tellin'...I did turn 42 while you were gone. I'd say they felt about like dog years. Oh, my back, oh,my elbows, my knees, OH MY GOD, my HAIR! What the hell is happening!! But, really, all in all I've been damn lucky so far, and now that i made it to this point i might just as well keep a-goin'....More later.

10.9 Who would steal Zar's american flags from his front yard?! Probably the same nerd who'd stick an american flag on a Porsche.

10.7 A little Catskill vacation does wonders. I've been back to work two days already but still kinda feeling the buzz from that sweet mountain air. Get the pictorial buzz youself on the new Catskill page.

Sept 2001

9.25 Atrium picture above taken by a friend who worked in the building...the answers aren't here, but we fear most what we don't understand... Flying out tomrrow AM, should be interesting. See ya in NY!- or catch it next week in digital form, dude!

9.21 Some new pics in the PhotoHut from work today. I've heard the peaks of the tower are at 110 feet, but it dosen't seem all that high once you climb up there.

9.18 Now we're back to flying, or driving, we're not sure yet. I guess we're deciding the night before. All we know for certain is we ARE going, and I'm ready.

9.16 What a week. We're taking morning break about 9:30 onTues when someone asks if we've heard about the plane crash. We turn on our radios to hear the tragic reports as a horrible page of American history is written. One minute everything is fine, then the next minute nothing will ever be the same again...after what's happened flying up to NY in Oct has now become a driving event. ...among the few sports highlights this week, Lindsey Smith fans may want to keep up with the Ithaca Bombers Womens Soccer team results.

9.10 A rare Monday night entry. Mainly because it was a busy weekend working on the yard and getting dragged into shopping. Didn't need a damn thing shopping, but got a deep fry thermometer anyway -like I was actually ever going to use it...kept up with all the sports, Jeff Burton didn't win 'cause I was watchin' Venus and Serena instead, the Braves killed, the Falcons should have, and Ithaca College freshman Lindsey Smith came through with her first ever collegiate goal!

9.3 Back from our trip to the Head. Smooth sailing going and coming, lots of sun and surf, and some excellent scallops in between. I think it's been raining here in Atl the whole weekend, so we lucked out weatherwise. And it wasn't until about ten minutes before we left the beach that we heard the only shark warning. There aren't a whole lotta HH pics, but what there are are here......On other news fronts.....We had a little plumbing work done last week, replacing some corroded steel supply pipe. Have a look at the size of the hole the water was barely trickling through... It's gushin' now. I know you really care.

Aug 2001

8.29. Oh, it's just been a flurry of excitement around here. A non stop thrill ride a minute...right. One thing I'll say is that working for a living is taking up way too much of our spare time so we plan on winning the lottery real soon. That's our plan anyway....We did have fun riding around in our little convertible Z3 loaner last weekend. The car was in the shop being ravished , so they were nice enough to lend us this little screamer. I tooled all about town with the top down and my freshly bad hair head stickin' out there for everyone to enjoy. Glad to have the full-sized bad boy returned with new pads and rotors in time for this weekends excursion to the Head. ...Have a Happy Labor Day.

8.14. Yeah, whatever. I know it's been a while since my last episode but there's been very little productive activity on my computer lately. It's that dog day thing. I did download the 30 day trial version of Flash5 and have been messing around with that a little. Haven't come up with anything worth a damn yet....Went hiking this weekend at East Palisades by the Chattahoochie. It was cool and there'd be pics, but dumbass me forgot to check the camera batteries. You shoulda seen the Magster clambering up and down those cliffs! I can now admit we may have been off the 'official trail' just a wee bit.... Also, all our love and good luck to Lindsey, off to start her freshman year at Ithaca College! Be good and have fun!

July 2001

7.26. Bless the soul of the guy who stopped to change Maggie's shredded Beamer tire outside of Augusta, GA this afternoon. I may have to make a shrine page for him, even though he never wanted to accept any payment or praise for his thoughtful act. In this crazy age it's gratifying to know there are still samaritans among us and it only makes us ALL better people. Thanks, pal.

7-21 What a week it has been. For starters I changed employers, from Bibler Masonry back to my old nemisis, Pyramid. It's cool though, working with my old friend Jim E. Barnes up in Gainsville, Ga. putting up some fluted precast columns. Going back to people I've worked with for 20 years was as easy as pulling on a comfy pair of work boots. And to boot, I have a whole new positive attitude also....Have you been keeping up with the Tour de France ? Lance Armstrong took the overall Yellow jersey a few hours ago after 3 stage wins in four days, including an inspiring run up the L'Alpe d'Huez on Tuesday. Forget Tiger Woods, even if he happens to repeat in the British Open, this guy Lance is the worlds most awesome athlete - bar none! The only way he's going to lose the lead is if he starts riding one of these babies....We've got plenty o' 'skeeters here in the big A and I think one of them may have passed me that nasty West Nile virus. I have all the flu-like symptoms. I do have it on good authority, however, that it's not going to be even close to fatal...and so the House Of Web shall live on!

7-14Once a week updates are becoming a pattern here on my little weblog. Weekend reports you'd think would be a little more chock full of content, but NO!. Hours surfing all week and all I came up with to link was a funny little online game. Oh well...Looking forward to tonight and the big Tom Petty/Jackson Browne gig at Lakewood.... Here's some good filler, a gratuitus sexy lookin' chick pic.

7-7 Spent a couple of hrs making some changes around the House. Redid the PhotoHut and Bio pages. The Bio may be taking a nasty turn into resume country the more I work on it. The PhotoHut's stocked with the latest "works" and'll be changing as new crap comes along. I'd say it's worth a look as long as you're here anyway. Went berry pickin' this AM and Mags made a big ole pie for us. Going to see AI tonight.

7-6 Fri. afternoon and all's well. Check out the new page from last weekend in Washington DC.

June 2001

6-30 Sat. morn all packed and ready to travel again - off to DC this time. Yeah, we get around. Thanks to all youse who took a minute to check out the House this week, and kudos to those who actually filled out a mail form. And yes TBob that IS a mustache- can't you TELL?! Just to get a link in, I'm trying to talk Maggie into a DSL connection posssibly with BellSouth. Won't that be cool? Self installation too?! You know how I would love that. All y'all have a great weekend and a safe 4th of July. See ya then.

6-28 Back from the mountains and back to work.

6-21 First day of summer~ flying up to NY to see Lindsey Smith graduate HS and breathe some country air. Pics to follow, back on Tues. Thanks for the ride Zar!.....and how 'bout the crazy crane man at Lindbergh Marta?!

6-18 What a nice tattoo, Robert. ...This whole online shopping thing was going just great until I finally ordered something from Cabelas that now I'm going to have to return. And I don't think these big 13e chukka boots are gonna fit back through my modem. The even bigger question is why the boots were too small in the first place. I refuse to believe I need 14z . Nosir.

6-16 It's so pathetic that I can't sleep past 6:00am on a Sat. morning. So here I am, listening to the early birds waking up and webbing. I like to check out brigs blog from time to time, she's always got good links and now she's selling t-shirts to boost her income! I took her link to jens portal and, you want links my friend? Anything and everything. And glassdog has got it going on too. Man, this web thing takes alot of time! There's so much out there it seems like there's no end to it. I could surf till my eyes bug out - but that ain't getting the grass mowed, now is it?

6-13 Check out Jeff Cook and the Annandale Warriors team photo.

6-11 Well whaddya think so far, kids? I had a rainy afternoon today so I whacked and hacked on the site for a few hours. The bio/contact page has an innovative new form mail field instead of the cheesy ad fueled guestbook (that I couldn't get to work). Feel free to shoot me some positive feedback, it's what I run on.

6-9-2001 Alright! My very own domain!! How many middle-aged bricklayers can say that?. Probably the same number that care. Anyway,...I'll be doing alot of tweaking and changing here until I get things the way I want 'em. .....then all the other brickies'll be like, WOW! this is the coolest freakin' site EVER!