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What we did on our little summer vacation in the Catskill Mountains of New York!


Flew up from Hot'Lanta to a temporarily HOTTER upstate NY under the pretense of witnessing our own Brent T. Smith graduate from Margaretville High School!



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...and the big party that followed!


Got in a little tennis... and some strawberry pickin' in the Schoharie Valley


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Enjoyed all the visiting,... friend, fowl,& fauna!




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WE kept our days full while getting a few domestic chores done, making our daily hikes through town & country, and NEVER, EVER missing a meal! Lots of chats & hugs, laughter & longings made the week seem to fly past. Too bad that Dan Rather turned out to be over 70, 'cause now there'll be no french fries 'till 2004. :^( Yes, there was some TAUNTING when the carnival came to town!




What a great time we had in the Catskills with family & friends. It's always hard to leave, but duty calls back in Georgia, so reluctantly we say farewell, and send out a special good luck to the graduates- 2003 Class of Margaretville High School! Take me home country roads....

...with love, from JBz House of Web

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