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Blogging the House o'Web..............  

4.06  Seems like all I do these days is work, work, work. What?! Now, we all know that's not bullshit this time. But for real, that's got to be a decent excuse as to why I don't come around here much anymore. And it is mostly partially because of work. Mostly partially. A more likely cause is when I 'm in town on the weekends it's right off to one of my many hobbies. If I'm not off on me bike for a workout sprint through town, then I'm probably here in my little recording studio proving that it's a good thing I never made it as a professional musician. I do enjoy it though. As a hobby, or a diversion, let's say an outlet. Check out my latest creation and decide for yourself. So I guess you've figured out my little game of cut and paste here. Hell, it's been so long (only a year) since I last posted anything that I almost forgot how. The rest of the story is that I'm working full time on an industrial site two hours up I-85 and coming home most weekends prolly until May or so. Sucks, but gotta feed the chilluns. Of cours I've only been doing this modified work activity for the last three weeks so you may be asking what happend to the rest of the freakin' year? Good question. I can tell you I've become like this total bike and guitar freak. Riding and playing and looking at bike or guitar porn on the web preety much all the time hasn't left me the opportunity to update here. But hey, don't complain! Some people don't ever update their shit, so one a year is 100% better than that, eh? Bike-wise got a new Cannondale CAAD 10 superlight to zip around on. Took it out for a 50 miler and loved it right off the bat. Also did a riser-bar conversion to my Giant TCX and love that too. Guitar-wise probably 3 newuns since last we talked; 1972 Fender 12 string acoustic, Epi Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, and a sunburst Strat HSS. And I hung them all up in the office/studio much to the dismay of my lovely little bride.  Oh well, like the old saying starts out, you can't always get what you want, and even though you try sometimes, you still don't get what you need. In other words, life's a bitch and then you die. Deal with it. And now you know the rest of the story.

4.17  Seems like all I do these days is work, work, work. What?! Now, we all know that's bullshit. But for real, there's got to be some excuse as to why I don't come around here much anymore. And it is partially because of work. Partially. A more likely cause is when I 'm in town and get home in the evening it's right off to one of my many hobbies. If I'm not off on me bike for a workout sprint through town, then I'm probably here in my little recording studio proving that it's a good thing I never made it as a professional musician. I do enjoy it though. As a hobby, or a diversion, let's say an outlet. Check out my latest creation and decide for yourself. Then on the weekends there's tennis. The wife n I'll go to the local court where she procedes to wear my big dumb ass out. I'm hoping that new shoes, racquet and hat will improve my game. That'll work won't it??  Anyway, up early on a Sunday morning too dark for a bike ride, recording would be rude to those still sleeping, and that'd be my tennis nemesis, so I decided to rub one out for ya here. My other hobby. Off on another road trip for work this week, so enjoy what ya got 'till I get back, and make sure you get those taxes filed now, y'hear!?!

March Madness

03.29  Tryin to figure out how to post this little mp3 I just made. Pretty proud of it, by golly.

03.19  Kinda lost track of things here over the past few months. Computing has moved down on the scale of things to do what with cycling and work and guitars and doors taking up all me time. Scuse me, I'm still hung over from St.Paddy's up here in the Catskills. Beautiful weather for March in the mtns even though everyone in the house lost a day to the stomach bug yesterday. Gross, I know. Just proud of the fact that I can now burp and fart without having to worry about something worse happening. At least I seem to have lost several lbs to the little bugger. Alawys lookin' on the bright side!... So, yeah. Bikes, got a nice Giant cyclocross bike on craigslist and've been doing a good bit of riding around town. No cyclocross yet, but I'm just happy to know that if I had wanted to there's a class for old fat guys like me, called Clydesdale. Work, has been busy, getting ready to turn over 200,000mi on the ol' truck and picking up some decent work lately. Guitars, got a deal on a big sunburst Epi acoustic and have been playing too much lately. Kind have a fever for guitars these days and have my eye on a HHS Strat too. Running out of room in the room. Doors, finally got the initial wave of doors finished and up, and jeez, that only took 6 months or so to happen. That's a door per month. Hmmm. More later. Much later I'm sure.

January 2012

01.02  Happy New Year!  Getting off to a frustrating start here at the ol houseaweb after deleting the PhotoHut last time we updated, had to go back and make up a completely new one however appropriate that may be. I think we're all in agreement that 2012 has got to be better than last year and in keeping with that theme, enjoy the new page! Actually 2011 was a mixed bag for us with family sadness and health issues, slow work or over-worked, money shrinkage and weather-related problems being balanced out by a new kitchen renovation and an awesome trip to the Aegean. Guess that's life though. I'll get around to doing more updating around here as we go, but right now I've got to take down the yule tree which means I have to change out of my PJ's and pull on the ol work boots.  Here's hoping that all three of you JBzHOW followers have a safe, happy and prosperous year! 


12.22  Have you tried those holiday pretzels covered with white chocolate and peppermint stuff. Man, they are goot! I think this may shape up to be kind of a food themed jblog seein' as how thats what I seem to be thinking about alot lately.  I mean where Friday night used to be a pizza only outing, nowadays we have choices that I find equally yummy and they're kinda off the wall places to. Hows about a Turkish place with the best Gyros this side of, scratch that, better than what we found in Greece. Or maybe you'd like me to tell you all about the Korean Taquieria with BBQ sliders and kimchi-dressed-philly chipolte-cheese steaks to die for. Damn, listen to me. I'm a raving lunatic. Yup, for a boy who never really cared much about what he was going to eat next, I've sure been cooking up more and more elaborate dining options these days. Maybe because the Dr told me I had to eat less and exercise more and I seem to be unable to do anything but the exact opposite.  Kinda like the forbidden fruit. Or the banned barbeque. Or maybe the damming Dunkin Donuts

12.18  Really posting this in conjunction with the above, but I doubt anyone reads this anyway, so I'ma gonna make it look like I've been a busy little blogger and backdate this one. I'm pretty sure neither one of you who actually read this mess is going to take umbrage to me taking a little poetic license. I mean,  and as I've said before, this is JBzHouseOfWeb and I'm is JB. I just didn't want to miss telling another wife story, you know the one about how she gets a new coat (really a light wrap) and I make the comment how it looks kinda like a seafarer's gear and while we're on this evening walk she just starts riffing off the humorous seafarin' coat puns one after another. F'instance, the best of which was, I was wearing a safety yellow Tshirt and she told me I was her "bouy." I didn't know the girl had it in her. To which she relies, "Oh yeah, I'm funny! Arrrgh" I guess so. How can ya not love that...Had to make a long drive down to West Palm last week. And yeah, everbody's been saying, oh west palm, how nice! But no. Did you read the part that said I had to drive there. Via Albany, GA. For work. And drive back. By way of straight up I-95 through Savannah. What!? Yeah that's right. I did have to get off the highway in Cordele and found what must be the barbequed pork products world headquarters just down the road a piece. So the trip started out OK anyway. So now I'm gonna get up from here and go make a little Thursday night spaghetti dinner. Ciao!


11.30  Taking a few minutes here right at the endo the month to squeeze a second JBlog out, and really I should get up off my ever-widening ass and get some exercise. At least that what my Dr told me today, and it's not like something I didn't already know but oh how easy it's become to just let it slide when it's cold and rainy out. So where's my argument for all the lethargy that took place in the months of warth and sunshine prior? I dunno. Too hot, maybe. Or the game's coming on. Or just one more game of poker and then, oh well, maybe tomorrow. No dammit, now! And when I get back it's boiled skinless chicken breast, brown rice and carrots for dinner. Um, well maybe one thing at a time. Later, dude.

11.13  Not exactly up to the minute but hey, at least it's not Christmas or something before I got back to ya. Pretty well settled in to November here and a big family Thanksgiving  get together is  coming up  in Atlanta in just a few days. Meanwhile work and house and life go on.  That's a good thing. Had the bright idea to change out all the door hardware in the house from brass to satin nickel a few months back and made a big order online. Now, there's 11 interior doors and the back door that I got knobs for and one weekend afternoon I decided I get busy swappin' 'em out. Well don'tcha know those bastards wouldn't fit in the old holes and if you've ever tried to wallow out a hole on a finished door, well, it wasn't pretty. So now I've ordered new solid two-panel slabs for the whole house and replacing them one by one. Done two so far. But they look good by golly. Waiting on the next wave of doors to come in and I'll be back in bidness. Also ordered a new carpet for the bedroom and  dreading having to put that sucker down. I'll call ya when it's time to move three dressers and the bed and bring that big ole thing in through the back bedroom door. Dangit. There's another door that I forgot to count. Oh well, I'm pretty sure I haven't made my last trip to the Home Depot. I like to know how much we've spent there all together over the years. I mean the plants that we've killed alone every year are probably in the thousands. Anyway, if you wind up not coming over to help with the carpet, have a pleasant Thanksgiving and take care. JB

10.30  Ummm...Gee is it Haloween already?!!  I know that somewhere back in the archives of this website I vowed that if ever a months blog was missed that we'd pack up and leave town.  And it's been close before. But this.. this isn't even on the same continent. Nine weeks. What?! But somehow you really still haven't missed that much. Hmmm.  The true reason this thing is still goin' is that it's paid up through 2013, so  stick with me here and I'll try'n do better. Story of my life.  What have you missed you ask?  Nothing that wasn't posted on FB I can tell you that. Flooding from Irene back in late August, driving all over the planet for work, including all the way to Jupiter and back, birthday season where we all thankfully advanced in years enough to finally get us some senior citizen benefits, loving our new kitchen,  a new red semi-hollow electric guitar, changing out all the interior doors at the House,  and generally trying to enjoy things despite the Braves epic fail this fall. What can I say? I don't think anyone really noticed. I had to eliminate my jbzhouseofweb email from phone and netbook 'cause I was getting tons of spam wanting to let me know about some super duper offers to lengthen my pecker and promising to make me awesome in the sack. How the hell did they find out about that stuff anyway? So if you were trying to contact me to express concern that there had been an alarming lack of jblogs, that's why there wern't none and why I didn't get right back to ya. Like I said, I'ma try'n do better. For instance, sometimes when I'm out doing my thing in the world I come up with  what might be construed as a clever idea or phrase and I always say to myself or whoever may happen to be within earshot that  that would be  cool  to blog about and turn into a JBism. And then I never do. But, one from the other day in light of my renewed pursuit of blogging excellence, the wife was trying on a hat she had purchased and  making her usual noises about "I just don't look good in hats" whereupon  I graciously and patiently explained that instead of jamming it hard and square down over her pumpkin head she should ease it on and cock it over one eye with some attitude and style.  And then the little gem that  I'd like to share witcha now just came rolling off; "You don't just wear a hat,  you have to wear a hat." Maybe I heard someone else say it somewhere, IDK. But stuff like that. Anyway, I'll still try'n do better. Starting...now. 


8.21  Sunday afternoon and just got to thinkin' about my ole lonely website out there in cyberspace all by itself and thought that I might drop on in and spruce the place up a bit. So here I'm is. Been staying pretty busy lately , despite a major slowdown in construction, been traveling quite a bit and  mostly places other than home; Greensboro NC (where I'm off to tomorrow), Ft Bragg NC, Savannah, Orlando, Columbus, Lavonia, Anderson, and soon to add Ft Walton Beach and  West Palm Beach into the mix. I know all that sounds real glamorous but take my word for it, it ain't. And it's not like I hop on the corporate jet to get to these places... but on the other hand I'm not riding a bicycle either... and  now is not the time to complain. About anything. So I love it all.  Managed to contract strep throat at some point last week and finally went to the clinc to get some relief. Feeling somewhat better now but still have a ways to go before I'm normal again. Come to think of it a real, real long ways to go before I'm actually normal. Looking forward to going up to the Catskills for a couple of days around the Labor Day weekend for a visit, then to Memphis with the birthday girl at the end of Sept and who knows what all else. Only time will tell. Thankfully, we're pretty well grounded here at the Houseofweb while the rest of the world hangs by a thread, this will always be a place you can come and get away from it all for a minute or two. Come on in and check out the rest of the place and enjoy! -JB


7.16  An unusual warm and rainy Saturday here at the HOW so I'm finishing up the last pages of travel pics. Check 'em out at the links listed above.

7.10  Back from our tour and slowly but surely getting some stuff up here on the Houseaweb. Check out the links above and I'll keep on plugging. Trying to make some BBQ this afternoon too so excuse me if I have to jump up and go check the green egg! Off to Savannah tomorrow for some serious work. Can't wait....

7.1  A new month and a new dedication to the Houseofweb. But really only because we're stuck out here in the middle of the Aegean Sea with a limited connection and it's the only success I've had with uploading pictures. Going off to breakfast now and Kusadasi at noon, but maybe I'll have a chance at some point to make a page for pics and comments here. Loving our trip so far - wish you were here? 


6.29  Hey, it's still June and you won't believe it, but I'm bloggin in from Istanbul, Turkey aboard the Seven Seas Mariner readying to embark on a 8-night cruise thru the Aegean. I've been taking lots of pics and videos to upload but the connection onboard is kinda sketchy and expensive at 25cents/minute so I'm trying to keep it to a minimum. Check out what I've sent in already on Facebook And I'll see ya next month!


5.14  Well looka here! Two jblogs in one month. Coming to you tonight from Savannah after a whirlwind tour of 85N up thru Greensboro, Durham, Fayetteville and down this way. Hopefully homeward bound for the weekend where my little bunnie waits for me in our brand new kitchen after a week up in NY herself. Don'tcha just love it?! Maybe I'll even take a few minutes to hook up both of my web followers with yet another installment here on the Houseaweb. Wouldn't hold my breath though. Think I'll amble on over to Lovezolla's and get a beer and a slice. Later dogs.

5.13  Friday the 13th! Look out for bad luck and infringers.


4.18  Sadly on my way up to NY for our beloved Gramma Rose Smith, who passed on Sat eve after a 100 years on the planet. We miss you Rosie. 

4.4  Totally missed March. Not that there wasn't alot of stuff that happened that was worthy of JBlogging, just that I'm too damn lazy to do it. Most of it can be caught up with on Facebook if you know where to look.  Meanwhile, here at the ranch, the floor guys are putting in our kitchen floor. Yeah, I know that sounds cool and all, but they didn't start till 6PM and thery're saying they'll be done tonight. Uh huh. More later...


your having fun


2.28  Well, how 'bout that! Squeaking another Jblog in here during the waning hrs of Feb. Betcha didn't think I'd get around to it didja?! At home for once, in town for OSHA recertification class this week. Can you believe it's been four year already? Man, how time flies when your having fun. Right. Anyway besides that we've got the kitchen under way and hoping it'll be done during the month of March. Right. And we'll have the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus over for our new kitchen party. Oh, by the way, we'll be registering at Williams Sonoma and expecting guests to bring kitchen warming gifts since we never got to experience wedding or child warmings. Right. Oh, well. So much for February. See ya next month.

2.22  On the road tonight, in Durham NC where even though we were sweating in short sleeves yesterday, today I was kicking myself for not bringing insulated coveralls. Good thing to be headed back southwest tomorrow even if my little honey won't be there and I have a spate of safety classes to sit in on in the coming weeks. At least I made up this JBlog before the month ran out, and maybe now I'll update a little more often. Or not. One thing I'll have to  keep both of you readers up with is our kitchen renovation. Good bye old and hello all new cabinets, countertops, appliances and floors. Might even post a pic or two, so stay tuned you two! 


1.18  Well, well...so nice of you to join us here at the House of Web! If it isn't Mr. Webmaster himself! yeah, yeah, I know. Nothing much been going on...now,  we all know that's a big fat fib, what with the Holidays (at this point including MLK Day), kitchen renovations, and the Big Freeze of 2011 that paralyzed millions in AtlMetro. But I won't be recapping all that cap. If you need more details you can find me on Facebook and YouTube in various uncompromising positions. For now let's just say it's all good and we're rolling away here in 2011, so far so fair. Coming to you tonight from Graham, NC after riding up in the Jeep because some idiot thought it would be a good idea to smash in a truck window to steal my bookbag, again. After what happened last time, this time I figured that maybe once he found out that all he had was safety manuals and paperwork he'd throw the thing in the nearest herbie-curbie which just happened to be my across-the-street-neighbors, but the trash truck had just come through. Dammit Man! Whatever. So I'm getting the window fixed, tightening up security around the House and getting on with the remainder of the year, including this. So there. 



12.26  Holy Happy Holidays, Batman!  Big news from the Big A is that we got us some snow this Christmas. Thaz right babee! Not much, but enough to make the claim that after 130 years of green Christmases we had a white'un. 2010. What a year we've had and it's almost in the history books. Does it seem like that thing went fast? I mean, like faster than last year. Hell, it alsmost is last year. ..anyway, we're getting ready to do some demo and  remodeling here at the House, the kitchen and dining room are gonna get it. That'll be something new for 2011 as we Head up to DC for the NewYear and the Big Birthday Bash, and then back to reality on Jan 3. This has been a funky month with weather and work and hopefully that'll be new for 2011 too. To. Two. ...The snow has stuck and frozen overnight and it's cold and  flurrying this morning so we'll probably start packing up some kitchen stuff and watch some football, and  oh yeah, I gotta mention the 12-2 Falcons! But they play NO tomorrow night in the Dome. Yeah, come on. 


11.25  Happy Left-Over-Turkey Day, America! Ours was a beauteaus day with Macy's TGD Parade, turkey at 11 AM at the Colonnade and a long walk exploring the new Park paths that hook up to Piedmont and Monroe in the afternoon. Even managed to catch the lighting of the Great Tree last night. Put a few lights of our own up last night, but I'm thinking about doing something more extensive. Stay tuned for either the pics or news about the brown-out in Midtown. This morning hunkering down for the pending stormy Black Friday. But get yer galoshes and get out there and spend you consumers! Help America recover from all the overspending! What!?, wait a minute.... you can already tell it's going to be a stressful Xmas season with all the commercial hype. Might just as well jump on in! Ho's all around!! 

11.02  Here I'm is in Durham NC enjoying an overnight at the ol' Comfort Inn. Voted in Atlanta before first light then hauled ass up here to do my work thing. Back home tomorrow by way of Greenwood SC. I know that doesn't sound like much fun but that's why it's called work and why they pay me to do it. Feeling pretty good though since I brought the leftover Halloween treats with. Don't know why we keep buying the stuff, hadn't had any trick-or-treaters in years. Maybe that's why we get the kind we like. Twix and Snickers. Here, have one.


10.17  Yes, here we are deep into birthday season and until now, nary a JBlog. What's up? Well, I'll tell ya what's up. Some other time when I'm not using Nvu to update this dang thing. What a pain in the ass. I will say that we just got back from a lovely week in Hilton Head and tomorrow it's back to the old grind again. Bummer. I posted a bunch of vacation pics and even a few videos on  Facebook as we went, so if'n ya wanna check'em out they're there. Very nice and cool here in Atlanta at last but I can only enjoy it on a limited basis thanks to what my personal Dr(wife) says is a stress fracture in my foot. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Hell, I thought that was what we were doing in Hilton Head! 


09.25  Could it be that twenty days have passed since our last Jblog!? Shocking. Anyway, what's important is that I'm here now and everything's going to be alright now babies, don't you cry. What a weird weekend with the wife up in NY for Gramma Rose's 100th birthday, the Cauliflower Festival, and assorted other family issues that I won't go into here. Anyway, the weirdness, I'm going to bed early, waking up at the crack of  way before dawn and doing all the household chores without prompting or encouragement from my missing wife, who is usually the doer of all these strange tasks. I'm surprising myself. And all along I didn't think I even knew how to use the washer/dryer.  Paying bills, making biscuits & gravy for breakfast, well that one OK yeah I know all to well how to do. Just crank up the tunes and hit it. I guess the outside is next since LC missed yesterday. How long has it been since I had to mow and blow? Still hot and buggy out there, and now you know why I'm in here banging on the ol' pleasure machine. More later. -JB

09.05  Coming to you from the Meadowood Inn in lovely Arkville, NY this morning as I wait for the wife to get ready to head down for breakfast. Didn't know they had wireless in here but never really tried until this morning. Not that we've done much here except sleep and shower. Installed a wireless router up at Tom's place so now we're not slaves to his ol' computer anymore and Carol can groove away on her iTouch to her little hearts content. WooHoo. Sadly, this is our travel back to Atl day, and we'll eat, go over and say our farewells and then head for Newburgh and home by way of Detroit. It's been a good visit, though and I'll post a few pics on the PhotoHut if ya wanna check 'em out. I can smell the bacon downstairs, so gotta go!



08.23  OK, well maybe just one more. Where have I heard that before, hmmmm. Stranded on S Tryon making rounds in southern NC and northern SC this week, so I thought I'd check in and se how y'all are. Groovy, huh?

08.19  Obviously it's just been too damn hot to update. Maybe we'll see ya next month. Whew, now I'm all sweaty again.


07.26  Ought to remember that drinking and blogging rarely turn out as such a good combination as they seem to be at the time. Out on the road tonight from Pooler GA. Man, it's hot out. Hope y'all are staying cool.

07.24  OMG . I  joost lofe dat! LMFAOL!...FNOMG!!! I'm not too happy wit dis Nvu WYSIWYG though. Maj.PITA. Hell, FNGen.PITA.  And while we're on the subject of fn software, lest we not refrain "Cubebase!" An insult to ordinarily intelligenced personage such as  "I-don't-want-to-mention-any-names-but-his-initials-are (insert persons full legal name here)"...the peripheral visionary.  Whatever dude.

07.06  OMG it's been a long time since our last jblog! What the hell have ya been up to? I've been a rolling stone fo' sho', up to Baltimore & DC late last month for a safety conference and a very lovely Father's Day with my dear ol' Dad, back to Atlanta for a few short days which included a couple of days on the road up to Charlotte, then packed it all back up and flew up to NY for Lindsey and Max's wedding over the long Independence Day weekend, getting back home late last night, whereupon I refreshed my roadbag and hit the highway again for points south, where I'm found tonight in Pooler, Ga resting up for my next leg down to Orlando tomorrow. Damn, that's alot. But, hey, it is what it is. 


06.13  Nine days until summer starts officially, but evidently Georgia ain't on that schedule 'cause it's hot and humid by golly. The flowers in the garden look and smell wonderful, but unless you're prepared to spray every inch of exposed skin with deet, I don't recommend lingering what with Asian tiger mosquitos on the prowl. Walked out this morning to get the paper and it's so humid that it's like breathing through a wet washcloth. I can stay in and relax today, but the wife's heading out around noon to play tennis. What?!?  Heading up to Baltimore this week for Safety 2010, the IFPS and Father's Day in DC...I think I forgot to mention that I got a new toy. Yeah, I was going to treat myself to something when I finished school, and I was thinking a bigger, badder Jeep, and then maybe a motorcycle, but once both of those dreams were quashed by reality, I rode over to our local Guitar Center and bought a bass guitar and amp. I love rockin' out with that thing.  Whipping Post!!!! If you call and get the answering machine, either we're not here, or we can't hear!

06.01  And, welcome to June. Pinned down by storms here in Kingsland, Ga. after checking into the local LaQuinta and running over to Applebee's for some dinner. That's my road modus operandi these days. Headed down to Orlando for a couple of days, and looks (feels) like it's gonna be a hot one. You see (hear) what I'm sayin'?


05.31  A quiet Memorial Day. 

05.23  Sadly, back from our vacation in the wilds of HHI...made a page with a few pics that you might be interested in peepin' at.

05.20 Most lovely time in HH this year. Perfect weather and a beautiful condo overlooking the ocean. Back to reality too soon, boo-hoo-hoo.

05.09 Mother's Day is upon us and we're enjoying a nice one here at the Houseaweb, with temps in the upper 60's and sparkling skies, I'm typing this on the netbook in the backyard sun. Meanwhile, my Mom is busy fiddling with her new iTouch and packing for a couple of weeks in the UK, while Maggie's woke up to a dusting of snow in the NY mtns. Hope all you mothers out there have happy day!...Gotta pack later for a work trip down to Brunswick and then up to Columbia, SC, the "hell-hole of the south" for the beginning of the week followed by a pleasure cruse down to HHI for our 26th anniversary. I really get around. Speaking of people that really get around, did you see the picture of Brett Michaels on the cover of People magazine? Not the big headshot of him with his signature bandana on, but the smaller inset of him laying in a hospital bed after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage hooked up to monitor wires and feeding tubes and his signature bandana on. Kinda makes you wonder what's under that thing and if it may have had anything to do with his recent unpleasantness. And incidentally, I just happened to see the cover of People while we waited in line at Kroger yesterday. Not that I don't care deeply what Brett and Kate are up to.


04.24 Making the most of a lovely rainy Sat here at the House, trying to  figure out a replacement WYSIWYG editor for my FrontPage 2000 which isn't playing nicely with Windows 7. Anyway this blog is being hacked out on Nvu, and if it works I'll be one happy webmaster...And it worked by golly! So here's the link to my new favorite html editor, and of course, it's freakin' free! In other electronica news, we got Maggie the new iPod Touch this week, supposedly so she could use the e-reader, but as it turns out it's wireless so she's gone app-crazy and had her nose buried in that thing ever since we set it up Wed night. It's almost like being connected is the new sex,drugs and rock&roll. I can't talk though. Mr. Crackberry.

04.19 Much better now that we've gotten over illnesses thanks to a slew of modern medicines and a little daily pollen anti-venom. Also better because as of last Thurs Columbia Southern saw fit to confer a college degree upon me. What now? Well, Athens Ga today, Cliffside NC tomorrow, and Americus Ga on Wed and who knows from there..

04.04 Oh, what a beautiful Easter Day here in Atlanta, too bad I'm cooped up in the house trying to shake off some kind of respiratory infection that I picked up no doubt from someone or something I came into contact with during my travels for work. At first I thought it was just the ol' allergies visiting with all the spring pollen starting up but when Claritin wasn't helping and I was getting more pathetic by the hour, I guess I'll go see the Dr tomorrow before I wind up with pneumonia...Good news, though, we've got it! All that stands between me and a college degree is a measly two page article critique which I may try'n knock out this pm while the wife is tennising...And winter is over here, it's warm and sunny, you can put away the long sleeves and break out the shorts like I did last night when we went for a stroll through the botanical gardens. Can't really think of anything else exciting to blog, so I'll close up here and go blow what's left of my nose. First time I saw that thing I knew I'se gonna have trouble with it.


03.20 Dagnab, it's been a while and I didn't want march to slip away without subjecting both of you, my loyal readers, my royal leaders, to a whole month without at least one of these snappy jblogs. And beside, if I wait too long I'll forget what happened after a couple of weeks. OK, days. Hours, right. Anyway, we're here now so let's get on with it. Let's see, got up this morning and read the paper, did the suduko and made eggs and a waffle for breakfast. Now I'm sitting here typing out this scintillating recap and listening to the Poco station I created on Pandora. Jazzman by Pure Prairie League. In other news...Working on my last class at CSU, Introduction to Fire Prevention. Guess I neglected to blog that I got another A in the last one, Earth Science. Ho-hum, another A. Actually the last section of Earth Science was kinda compelling when we started in on the solar system and the universe. They say the earth is 4.5 billion years old and the sun is about 5 billion out of approximately 15 before it expands and turns into a Red Giant cooking what's left of us like holiday weenies, so hopefully, if we don't screw our little planet up here we should be good to go for another little while anyway. Also got to thinking about the edge of the universe. Personally, I don't think there is one, but thinking about it really makes my waffles for breakfast seem unimportant. So anyway, now we're off on fire science and once I kick through this I'll be an official AASOSH and I can resume my normally scheduled programming...Today is the first day of spring and we've got a beautiful day on tap here on earth so I'm gonna wrap this crap up and go on out and enjoy my entirely insignificant day. Love you.



02.28 Having a nice sunny Sunday here in the ATL, got the taxes done, went for a long walk and now sitting around amusing myself watching the race, blogging, and swapping pics with our northern relatives up to their waists in snow. Sometimes it sucks being so far away from 'em and sometimes, like when we see Gary going around the house in snowshoes trying to knock several feet of snow off the roof, it doesn't. 

02.22 Have a little time on my hands here on a Monday eve before the wife gets home and we eat so I'd thought I'd further plug up the airways with another Feb JBlog. Nothing much exciting going on around here, just the usual struggle to survive, dragging our aging bodies out of our firm pillowtop ever morning (thank god) having to wrangle with the coffeemaker before going all the way outside to pick up the AJC and NYTimes, then pulling on the appropriate clothing for whatever activity we might be in for that day. Piling into one of our vehicles to get to work maybe, and then having to figure out how to portion the day so we still have something to do tomorrow. I know, it sound hard, but we deal. Then having to return to our little urban hovel and watch one of the flat screen HDs until it's time to bed down for the night again. And hopefully, if we're lucky, we get to get up tomorrow morning and do it all over again! Aren't you glad you're not us? I am.

02.18 Happen to have just got back from Fla where it's also freezing cold. Tried to do a road blog about nothing really important from Comfort Suites but their internet connection sucked so that after typing a couple out and losing them to cyberspace I jus said the heck withit. Glad to be home on the super computer. Working on work and studying Earth Science in my next to last course for school during the lulls. Ask me about the troposphere. Dammit, I'm a doctor not a weatherman!

02.02 Happy Feb, Groundhog Day, and Raymond's Sweet Sixteen...again.


01.24 Has it really been the better part of the month between bloggings here? Yup it has. Well as usual we've been busy around the ol' hacienda, and I'll try to give you a little rundown on our goins on. I guess the big one was the power situation that finally got resolved last weekend where it turns out one of those little bastard squirrels in the neighborhood had been sharpening his toothes on Ga Powers ground wire a few houses down and that had been causing our lights and appliances, including fridge, heater blower, computers, etc to fluctuate in a very worrisome manner. And the wierd thing is it wadn't only us but seven or eight houses around us on the same line. Actually we're at the end of the wire. But who had to call GP? That's right. Thank you, heros of the neighborfreakinhood. OK that was one. Then I've been dreading finishing up one last case study essay for my Interactions of Hazardous Materials course, but I finally buckled down and knocked that out, finishing the course and promptly signed up for Earth Science. Two. Got sick. Three. Then last week decided I was smart enough to add memory to our desktop here at the HOW. Simple, right? Wrong. Wound up having to take the thing in and while I was there had it upgraded to a dual core Intel CPU, 500G HD, 4G memory and Windows 7, which I just picked up yesterday and haven't gotten up from here for hours getting it configured just right with all my crap. Four. Oh yeah, and yesterday finished the deck up out back. Five. At least we've got a rainy day today and I can shut this puppy down and go watch the football games now. I just wanted to let you know why you haven't heard from us lately and don't worry we're OK. Now.

01.01.2010 Happy freakin' new yearz!! Had a few drinks and grilled a steak on the barbie last night n wound up asleep about an hour before the big peach drop. Everthing was right where we'd left it this morning when we finally dragged ourselves out of the bed. Imagine that! My hot little wife had to fly up to NY today to cool down for a few days, so I'm left here at the Housaweb to mine own devices be true. Looks like a pizza night, fo sho.  Gonna post a few pictures that I scanned yesterday from long ago, one of 'em in particular I just can't quit looking at. Check 'em out and see if you agree. And have a great and healthy new year y'all!



12.13 Happy holidays from the JBzHouseOfWeb, and that might be all you get this year as December has turnt out to be busy, busy, despite what you may have heard to the contrary. Thanksgiving zoomed by and next thing you know it was a December filled with work and school and travel, rain and cool temps, house upkeeping and enough other stuff that January'll be here before there's another chance to blog. Started another new course at CSU, Interactions of Hazardous Materials, which is turning out to be quite a challenge for an already chemistry challenged me, but I'm sure we'll muddle through somehow with the usual enthusiasm. Rah. On the road more lately for work these days, off to FL next week where they've actually picked up some work! Getting ready for the Christmas/New Year time with plans to fly up to DC the 24th for a couple of days, and then the other half going up to NY Jan 1st for a quick visit with the family. So unless I sprout another brain or manage to clone myself by then, see you next year! -JB


11.21 What d'ya know! Only six days and here I'm is again, this time blogging from home on a pretty Sat morning. What I'm doing inside is a good question, but think I may be done with my chores for the weekend and just wanted to pop in a few lines here before going out into the world. Evidently we have a snake problem around here so you don't want to hang out in the underbrush too much. One our neighbors dogs was killed by a copperhead a few weeks back and in talking about it to other neighbors it turns out that, oh yeah they've seen 'em in their yards too. Damn. And all these summers I'd been running around barefoot just asking for it. I was wondering where all those cute little chipmunks got off to... Happy B'day to my little bro John up in NJ eating turkey today and everyday he can 'cause he loves it so.

11.15 Well, yes it has been a while since our last jblog and no, I don't think it's OK, but what can one do when there's all this other more exciting crap going on and the ol website has to take a back seat. Actually tonights installment is coming from Cullman AL where we're in town for a fall arrest equipment manufacturer thing tomorrow and Tues. Ought to be interesting. Finished up my latest schooling last week managing to garner a 95 in Hazardous Materials Incidents. Glad that's over and done with and now taking a break for the holidays. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and a little family time. If you really need to know what's up, don't forget to check out Facebook. Got an extra hour here in Aladamnbama. How bout that! 



10.24 Happy freakin' Bday to all you other Octoberites also, Meredith, Karen, Dorrissa, BOB, etc. Last day here at the beach leaving tomorrow to head back into the stream of reality. 

10.16 Happy 50th freakin Bday to me. We're having such a lovely month mostly because we've been spending a goodly portion of it here in beautiful Hilton Head. Must be nice. Umm-huh. Had some rainy days but managed to get sunburnt in between and keep ourselves busy exploring the lowcountry. Next week is the safety conference in Savannah, Tues, Wed, Thurs so I'll get paid for a few days anyway and still get to come home to the beach. Cool. Thanks to you followers that sent birthday remembrances it's not so bad turning 50. I can dig it, and as TBone has got me saying it, I hampster you all! Well, it's back to the beach for us now, cool and sunny for the next few days, just right! -JB 


09.27 For what it's worth, we made it through the Flood of '09 with just a little water in the garage which considering all the other folks that got hit alot harder than us, well it wasn't too awful bad. I did head up to NC on Mon AM once it started to get light and pretty much breezed into a sunny & warm Charlotte while Atl was getting clobbered with another 4 or 5 inches. Back in town for the week now, and it's supposed to be a nice one, sunny skies and temps in the bearable range. Got the wifes B'day coming up Wed and she's also starting on a new job assignment that we all hope is the one. Fingers crossed.

 09.20 Freakin' raining again. After all the drought years we've had though there's not been too much complaining. Until today when the tennis players tell me it's going to be a problem. With more rain in the forecast for all of the upcoming week it's going to be a  big problem. And I guess that I've forgotten how it is for the poor bricklayers too. I've got plenty to keep me busy including having to head up to Charlotte tomorrow for an NCDOL crane & derrick standard update class. In the rain, I'm sure. Yesterday, of course it rained, and you'll never believe it but we but we went buck-wild and broke out a jigsaw puzzle and put that puppy together! Since I finished my Math course ( w/ an A no less) and the text for my next class hadn't arrived yet, and I finished all the sudokos I could find, that was the next best option. Hey it was fun! And family togetherness too. We've got another one for today! Thinking about going pro!!...Happy belated B'day to JCK. My how we are growing up so fast! ;^) Try'n stay dry.

09.17 For whatever reason...I've been accused of just looking at the pictures of the various periodicals I "read" lately but actually think that may have degraded down to where I'm, honestly now, thinking about other stuff and just turning the pages these days...Had a cool surprise when the mother of that beautiful child in the picture above ran into me on FB,.. from a long time ago,.. Kai McCambell, those Picatinny days were some of the most bittersweet of my life. Now it's mostly sweetness. Very cool -JB

09.13 Fixin' to watch the Falcons whup the Fish after closing in on the last Unit in Finite Math. Conditional Probability. If you can get through that you can do anything. Also signed up for my next class, back on the safety track with  Hazardous Materials Management. Had intended to go out this morning and grab some of the geocaches that have cropped up around here in the last months during this time of busyness and general malaise. But I didn't. Maybe after the game. We had a long walk yesterday, anyway, once around the park for the arts festival and then around again the long way for the walk of it...and now, back to the game.


09.07 Finally getting around to updating the HouseOfWeb with some pictures from our jaunt up to the Catskills here on this Labor Day 2009. Have had a nice quiet weekend at home, watching the US Open, doing some cooking and some pooling and really not a whole hell of alot else except sleeping. Riding up to NC later today to get the work week kicked off. Seems like I just got my suitcase unpacked and it's time to pack it up again. Oh well, that's the life. Math class is going OK, I guess, although it's still not my thing at all, at least I'm keeping my head above water with tutelage by an aquaintance Richard, who just happens to be a retired math professor at GT. Can't get much better than that, and I'm gonna owe him big-time once I get through this thing. Three more units to go.


08.30 Had a lovely time in the Catskills. Good weather, good food, and all those familiar faces and places to catch up with kept us busy and too soon it was over and we were headed home. May make time to post the few pictures that I took but it's going to be a busy week coming up with work & school so stay tuned. Happy Birthday greetings from the HouseOfWeb going out to Aunt Debbie today, Big Bro Bill tomorrow, and Tom Smith on Tues. Happy, happy to you all!

08.20 Hoorayr fer vacation!! 'S coming up and I for one can't wait. I know it'll all come to an end too soon but I'm reday. Going up the country to visit Smiths, Hubbells, the odd VanBenschoten and whoever else may gets in our grill. Got the KJ tuned up and running good for the fall trail runs, but gotta watch those rocks, young'un. Danced on one last time out and messed up a cadillac converter and replacement was not cheap, my friend. Also changed the black tranny fluid for fresh and new plugs. Reday there too. Started a new class, Finite Math. Not too happy with it so far. It's been a long time since 1978 and I always had a loathing for the complications of math. I was decent at geometry and fractions and that's all I needed to lay the brick and set the stone, but now..oh my god. Anyway I started the course yesterday and I'm already working on Unit 2 of 8. So reday there too. Later....-5x + y = -27 (If anyone out there knows what this means, hep me!)

08.11. We bang our heads against the machine all day and sleep restlessly at night thinking about tomorrow, and what really matters only gets a moments notice, we're born and we live and then what?? Wow. Anyway...that was just bouncing around in the ol' noggin today as I'se driving down to the SC coast and fasting. It's amazing what you'll do when you have a hard time buttoning your jeans in the AM and hafta hold your breath to get in and sitdown. Anyway...made it through another day. "Shorter of breath and one day closer...."



07.31 Jammin one last jblog in here while we still have a little July left. Changed the pic above and added some others of a complete double rainbow the Magster shot while she was in HHI this last weekend. Done with work for the week and getting ready to go out and kick off the weekend with pizza and some wild ass grocery shopping at the Crisco Kroger for those of you who know what that means. Check out bike snob nyc blogspot for those of you who care what that might be. 

07.27 So anyway...here I am stuck at the ole Housaweb while my little bride is off browning at the beach. That's what I get for not finishing college. At least I've got plenty to keep me busy here until she gets back tomorrow. But then it's up to NC for me until Friday. How 'bout that Tour deFrance deal? Enjoyed watching all the stages, usually on the late show tapes but Sat & yesterday since I was up any way got to watch 'em live. Love the racing but even if you didn't it's still cool to check out the euro scenery, including all eight laps across the front of the Louvre and onto Rue de Rivoli past Joan of Arc and the Hotel Regina where we once stayed...So anyway, just hanging out and trying to stay out of trouble. Finally had some Jeep trouble last Sat night on the way to L&L's, damn thing started chugging and the check engine light came on so I hightailed it back, swapped out for the truck and went on up. Meanwhile it's still sitting there waiting for me to take care of it. I used to think it was cool to have two vehix but now, not so much. Especially since all the local DC dealers have gone belly up. Should've traded the damn thing when I had the chance, so anyway.

07.19 Back at the House enjoying a cool and dry Sunday morning with the windows thrown open and the birds a-chirping. I'd still be sleeping but seem to have lost the ability to stay in bed beyond 5 am anymore, which is a good thing during the work week, bad thing on weekends & holidays when my cute and snuggly little wife is in there snoring away and I'm out here typing on this freakin' computer... Finished up my latest online class last week at CSU, with a hard-fought 99. Now if things would just go that well in my professional life...After spending a few enjoyable sessions at the new Piedmont Park pool we finally sprang for an individual membership so now we can get in earlier and park in the new high-dollar deck too. It's pretty nice over there and what's really comforting to me is the fact that I guess I've finally reached the age where I really just don't care what others think about the shape or color of my half-nekkid body anymore. White legs, love handles, man-boobs, WHATEVER!! That's not to say I've given up, 'cause I haven't. I've taken to riding my bike and doing the eliptical on a regular basis, not that it has improved my dimensional attributes any, but, HEY! I'm old enough that I don't give a flying fig!...Happy B-day to Lee at 53 (pretty sure he never cared), and welcome home to Tim P spending some time back in the USA...& go Lance!   

07.07 Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...Just thought I'd take advantage of the blazing connection here at the Debary Hampton to drop a blog in. Yesterday & this am Charleston, tomorrow, Daytona & Seminole then staying in Orlando, and Thurs, it's Tampa, St Pete and back to Orlando for an evening meeting. Boy, am I looking forward to Fri when I can make that 450mi ride home! Hope you're enjoying watching the Tour and that crazy Lance Armstrong...Of course I had to stop in a little backwater town to buy some winning lottery #'s for tonight's drawing. Probably be able to have a personal blogger to do this for me after I win...Right.

07.05 In case you were wondering and hadn't checked back here in a while, like me, we got the A/C replaced at no small cost, but at least now we can resume our summer lives in relative comfort. Welcome to July in Atlanta. The damn thing runs almost constantly though when it's hot and I can't wait to see our power bill. Anyway, that's over, thank God. In the meantime work has been kinda crazy, with a pay cut and a promotion, this whole recession thing has got our panties in a major bunch and I'm just waiting to see if we can make it out the other end intact. Right now it's a more work for less money kind of deal. Headed off to Charleston & Orlando this week...We have discovered the new Piedmont Park pool as a way to stay cool these days. Actually, you can read about all the more mundane moments of our lives on my Facebook page. It's just so damned convenient only I can't leave rambling long blogs like I can here. All I want, all day long. Especially when I'm avoiding school work like I am now...Oh well, I have 5 essays to write for my S&H Management course final assessment by the end of the month and I really don't want those bastards hanging over my head anymore, so today is the day. Maybe we'll see ya at the pool! -JB



06.22 Remember what it was like before air conditioning was invented? Me neither, but we're learning that important history lesson around the ol' HOW. When we moved in here in '91 the A/C and furnace both were far from new, but worked wonderfully for the most part. We always knew in the back of our minds that one day we'd probably have to replace them, and every spring once the temps started to climb into the 80's we'd cross our fingers and crank up the system much like we did this year. And this year, on it came like a champ, blowing cold up our skirts and we skipped along with our lives oblivious to the possibilities that finally came true Sat night with a vengeance. We cooked some stuff in the toaster oven and I was complaining that, man , it seems hot as hell in here. Watching a DVD we noticed that it didn't seem to be cooling down like normal, so I hopped outside to check the compressor and damn, it ain't workin'. Maybe if I pull all the ignored vegetation from around it and flip the breaker a few times, nope. Damn. Maybe if I take the cover off and kick it , nope. Shoot. Ok, call the A/C man and he'll come out Sun morn, Father's Day an fix it. Well, he came but wasn't able to fix it. And the temps hit nearly 100. And they can't replace it 'till Tues morn. Crap. When it hit 85 inside I took a slow ride in the coooolllldddd Jeep up to BrandSmart and bought a window unit for the bedroom. We made it through the night that way, with the poor little window unit cranking on 11 ever since, 2 window fans blowing hard and a cold shower every 2 hours. When I was much younger I lived in Atlanta for a summer in an apartment without A/C, but those are vague memories now and I don't remember being nearly as whigged out as I am now. So please, go to your condenser and clean the vines off of it and thank it for doing its thankless job hot day in and out. Me, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow pm when I can come in from the heat without coming in to the hotter. And then there's still the whole work sucks thing, but we still need to keep things in perspective. Hard to believe, but it could be worse. How did they do it in the old days?!?!  

06.16 Pinned down in the old N Charleston LaQuinta with thunder and lightning coming down just when I needed to go out for a long leg-stretching walk after a long butt-numbing 300mi ride in from Atlanta this afternoon. In town for a couple of days again this week plying my trade and trying stay out of trouble. Wish me luck.

06.14 Nothing much new to report here other than the same old bad news about the economy and that it's getting hot in the south, but that really ain"t news, now is it? Except for the fact that the economic downturn is starting to effect work now to the extent that we don't have much and the immediate future don't look good. At least I can duck into the A/C when it gets hot outside...Went to a place called Tap yesterday on P'tree, and I'll try'n save you from wasting your time and money there by telling you that it wasn't all that. Sat right out on P'tree on a nice breezy afternoon and that was cool, but that's where the superlative ends. Food was a limited selection of over-priced barfood, and even though you'd think a place called Tap would be all about the beer, I ordered a Chimay White at $8 a pop and they didn't even have the decency to fill the glass. Maggie had a Sweetwater 420 which got her tipsy enough to snap at the valet when he tried to charge us $10 after he couldn't find the keys to the Jeep mainly because it was parked right there with the windows down and the keys in the ignition. We did have a good time reminiscing about the old Peachtree St days and how far around the circle we'd come. Kinda made us realize that everything's gonna be OK in the long run.

06.07 There went May, just that quick. Having a nice weekend here at the Houseofweb, hanging out and getting some stuff done. Worked on the wall and went over to the VaHi Summerfest yesterday, then decided to come home and watch another movie last night. Two movies this weekend, Fri night, Body of Lies with Leo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, pretty good flick, then last night The Wrestler, also good especially Marissa Tomei, you gotta see it. Today Maggie's off playing tennis, trying to get her match in before the hot of the day, and me, I'm just here banging on this old pleasure machine after reading the NYTimes for breakfast and readying to watch the race whilst doing my schoolwork. I did post up a new page full of recent garden pics for you, so left click here and it should open up in a new page. Can't think of anything else at the moment, so arriverderci!



05.31 Damn, a record setting month for JBlogs here at the house of web! All this and Facebook too, not to mention all the other crap that's going on around here and elsewhere. How do I do it?! Kinda scary that this year we've actually had a spring in the ATL, with rain and everything. Usually it goes right from winter into a few weeks of pollen season and then straight into hot as hell, but here we are at the end o' May and it really hadn't gotten all that unbearably warm yet. Why, just yesterday we worked in the yard all day, and yes, we sweated but heat stroke wasn't an issue if you know what I mean. Got a bunch of work done too. Pretty much finished the retaining wall between the houses, a project that I promised to have completed by the spring, and lemme check my watch, oh yeah it's still spring! Oh well, the wife is up and I guess that's my cue to go make some Sunday french toast. Later!

05.23 Having a nice Memorial Day weekend so far, after spending the week & 1000mi on the road from Charleston to Durham to Charlotte and back again. The only bummer being that some asshole tried to break into the truck by destroying the door lock the other night in Charlotte at the Quality Inn off Tyvola Rd. I don't think they actually got in but it's hard to tell with the usual disarray of clothes, cords & equipment I keep. That's probably what they were after, but thankfully nothing was missing. Maybe I should start keeping a rattlesnake in there. Anyway it's good to be back home with the wife of 25 years. That's right, you heard me. Hard to believe it's been that long that she's put up with me. Actual anniversary was last Tues, but I had installed Skype on our computers so that was a novel way to commune with each other on our special day.. Also got started on my next school course, Industrial Safety and Health Management. Now, if that don't set yer hair on fire...Have a great weekend! -JB

05.11 Holey moley! Back to back jblogs! SheZAM! I'm just putting off cleaning up the dinner dishes and enjoying my little Asus at the kitchen table. Made tacos for dinner, trying to lure my little honey home from her days grindings. It worked. Isn't it funny how changing into shorts and having a couple of tacos can alleviate stress? More later. -JB

05.10 Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!...Got back last evening from a few days trip up to DC, had a very nice time and smooth sailing. Visited the Pentagon 911 memorial, Lincoln cottage, National Arboretum, and Great Falls NP. The Potomac was swollen from 10 straight days of rain and  at Great Falls the river fairly roared and rushed through the narrows. Had some fabulous meals including a lovely evening at L'Auberge Chez Francois with Mom & Dad. Finally got to do a little geocaching yesterday when Dad & I made a run down to Stafford, picked up the boys and cached our way back up to Crystal City. Since Mom enjoyed the bonsai exhibit at the Arboretum so much we decided that would be an appropriate Mother's Day/ B'Day gift for her so we drove over to Wolf Trap Nursery and picked her out a cool little boxwood that now has been named Bruce and lives on her windowsill looking out at the world. See some of the pics from our visit on the PhotoHut page. Now, it's back to the old grindstone, dammit. Oh well, gotta make the donuts! -JB

05.04 Few storms running through today & not real busy, so I'm dumping some pics from earlier in the year in the Photo Hut. NJOY!


04.28 Finally got it together on my new mini notebook here with Frontpage where I can sit in the comfort of my big green recliner and jblog to my hearts content. Not that I'll really blog that much more than I already don't, but I could if I wanted to. From wherever I want to. Within range of a wireless connection. If I get time. And can think of something worthwhile to blog about. Y'know it's funny that with all the crap that happpens around here there still seems to be an amazing lack of quality bloggings. Lemme see if I can at least catch you up on the latest mundane details...Got another A in my online college pursuits...actually took the Jeep wheeling last weekend, which BTW is for sale or trade...bought this little notebook, an Acer Aspire One...our 25th anniversary is just around the corner...still working, if you wanna call it that, on the side yard project...cut my own hair the other day...blah,blah,blah. Hey, if you want to video call me on Skype I'm down with that too now. Check it out. Tim P, maybe you and I will be in the same time zone one day & we'll talk! All right, I don't want to blog myself out of a job here, so I'll close for now. Save a little for later, as it were. After all, I can do it whenever, wherever, whyever, whatever, for ever and ever, almost, amen. 

04.04 Yellow. That'd be the color of everything that sits outdoors for more than 15 minutes around the Atl these days. And I'd heard it was bad in other parts, well, I've been to the other parts and lemme tell ya, compared to here, it's nothing. I started with the Claritin two weeks ago and I'll be on it until Memorial Day at least. Speaking of being on things, I signed up on Facebook last week. Why? Because it was there. And it's free. Why don't you take a look at it and maybe we can be friends. Lord knows I need some...We've got a beautiful sunny day here, so I'd better get out and about. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe we can hook up then. Bye.



03.26 Ye old saefety travelling prehensile show on the road, tonight coming to you live from a warm and breezy Tampa Bay. Slapped a few pics from the BB into the photohut. Luv ya! Mean it.

03.08 Yeah, yeah...I know how long it's been since I checked in here, but damn, things have been crazy busy for me lately. Y'know, I never thought that I'd become this type-A type, but here I am, sitting in my LaQuinta room outside of Charleston on a warm Sunday evening blogging because I've finally got a minute to. Between work, school, the house, having a colonoscopy, geocaching, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, blackberries, snowstorms, vehicle maintenence, oh, I could go on and on, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to get all this done well and still catch up here. Then there's the whole spring forward thing to mess us up even further. Now, if that's not a good enough excuse...Anyway, I can't stick around too long this time either cause I'm hungry and I don't think the food is coming to me...Hope you're all well, and thanks for stopping by! JB out.



02.14 Happy Valentine's Day from JBzHouseOfWeb! Will you be our valentine? I know it's kind of a schmaltzy holiday, but by golly, don't forget! We got ourselves some flowers and cards and went over to Floataway last night. Today we're going to get together and do the taxes. That may be taxing on our Valentine vows, but I'm sure it'll be fine? Once we get through that we're planning on finding the new Six Feet Under in W Midtown and sampling some Gulf oysters. Sounds good, huh?...In other news, I finally got myself a Blackberry. Oh, yeah. An 8350i w/ direct connect and bluetooth. I like it, even though I may look like a nerd with my headset clinging to my ear. Absolutely safer setup for talking while driving. OK, time to log off here and log into TurboTax. Wish us luck!


01.27 Coming to you tonight from Orlando, on a week-long visit to the sunshine state where they're earning their namesake, this week anyway. Drizzly & foggy & chilly when i left home early yesterday, but as soon as I crossed the border, skies cleared and the temps shot up to the upper, upper 70's. Of course, all I packed for the trip was long sleeved and three different knit caps. I may have to go see what Marshalls has in the way of tropical-wear. Clothing notwithstanding, I guess I am learning how to cope with this road life. A minor victory of sorts today when I located the Whole Foods down here. Oh, man! I stopped in after work today and stocked up on all of lifes little edible goodies, (mainly beer) slurped down a cheese slice and a Unibroue in the eatery area and came on back to the room with a danged ol' smorgasbord of stuff that's sure to ease the pain of being away from home. And I thought I might just fast in protest. Baahahahahaaa!

01.18 Howdy. We're having a cold and gloomy day here, but one perfect for sitting on my oddly-misshapen butt blogging, surfing, and schooling some. Even though all those activities sound like something that might actually render some amount of physical benefit, they don't, but here I sit nonetheless. I know I really could use some aerobic stimulation, and I keep forgetting that we do have that elliptical downstairs. Forgetting even though I walk right past it every time I go to the fridge for another beer, because it always seems to be draped with coats and sweaters from the last time I actually had to go outdoors. Hey, I did go to the dentist the other day for my regular cleaning. That's one for me. And I do have my annual physical check-up coming at the end of the month. That may not be quite so pretty. I'm sure I'll have to hear a lecture or two, and promise to lose weight, eat right, quit all those nasty habits that I picked up along the way, and get a colonoscopy. All of which I'll have every good intention of doing. I just keep reminding myself that it could be worse, and one day it will be if I don't straighten up now...There's just something about being able to get both the student discount and the senior discount that'll make you feel so special.

01.10 Guess who?! Yup, it's me again. Made it through the holidays in fine shape even. Jew?... Looks like today is going to be a chance to do some sprucing up around here. Archiving some of the older blogs, updating some pictures, and adding some links. Man, this is one hell of a website, ain't it?! Some news to pass along just so's youse can keep up. Of course I was sickly for Christmas, but I finally went to the Dr and she put me on antibiotics that slowly knocked it out even though I was boogery all through New Year. Which incidentally, we spent at the beach in Hilton Head. So nice. The other big-ass news is that I finally enrolled in college, again. Yup, my goal is to earn an Associates of Applied Science in Occupational Health and Safety from Columbia Southern University. Don't worry, I'll not be growing my bangs down over my eyes, wearing hip-huggers and tight t-shirts and hanging out on the quad. No, this is what you call distance learning. Online. Totally. Dude. It going well so far, even though I've only completed my orientation course (with flying colors) and now am 2 units into Computer Essentials 1010. Why, you ask? Well, it's kinda complicated and I know you really didn't ask why, but, once I earn my AASOSH then I am eligible to sit for the Certified Safety Professional exam, that being my ultimate goal. I sometimes wish I had thought of all this back in the day, but then I wouldn't have had all the  wonderful years of enjoyment laying brick and going about my buisness without ever giving a second thought to safety. Man, those were the days...Anyway, I'd better get to sprucing, 'cause it seems that every day gets shorter and there's increasingly more to get done every one...Trying to fix up the run-off swale on the side of the House, off to the Carolinas next week for work and finally taking the Jeep up to the mtns next weekend. Damn, that's a bunch and doesn't really jibe with my New Years resolution; LESS WORK, MORE SLEEP...Later, dudes.



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